A Look at 15 Sophisticated Gray Bathroom Designs

In designing our dream house we are also very keen in choosing the best design for our bathroom where we find comfort. With that we tend to check the different colours that will soothe our mood. The color of the bathroom also reflects the owner’s attitude and character. The suggestions of the designer most of the time is based from the concept or theme preferred by the clients. Previously, we were able to display white bathroom designs as well as the black and white bathroom design inspirations. Now we will show you the different bathroom designs with the gray palette.

Gray like white is commonly chosen as bathroom color since it is capable of creating a more spacious and airy feeling. It also shows a more modernized and sophisticated appearance. Now let’s take a look at these gray bathroom designs below.


Gray Bathroom Designs

GD Cucine

The neat and clean bathroom in gray palette displays a more modern look.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom


One look at this bathroom could already make one feel relaxed with its light gray touch and wooden accent for the storage area.

Art Gallery Main Bathroom

modern bathroom


A modern bathroom with gray finishes and marble ceramic tiles. It also made use of wood to give it a soft touch of nature.

Weinstein Neutral Bath

modern bathroom

Randy Weinstein

To achieve a more dynamic play of finishes the designer used natural stone tiles which contrasted with the smooth plaster walls.

Antonio Lupi

hanged glass

Elena Gordeva

Take a look at the perfect balance of the materials used here as well as the peaceful effect of the palette and the hanged glass above the tub.



Marc Martinez

The lights used above the mirror as well as the lamp shade provide a more spacious look.

Bathroom 01

Gray Bathroom Designs


The tile work for the gray walls is indeed creative plus the accent of the wooden elements that made the entire look very sophisticated.


gray walls

Andreas Charalambous

The playful bubble cut-outs in different diameters in this translucent film wall were able to isolate the shower area to the toilet area.

Serene Bathroom Sanctuary

classic mid-tone gray

Benjamin Moore

This classic mid-tone gray of the bathroom pops against snow white trim and sparkling polished nickel fixtures.

ArtCeram Design

wash basin

Art Ceram

The cup designed wash basin is one of the incredible element in this area that makes it more unique.

Adams Bath

simple small bathroom

Sue Adams

A simple small bathroom that made use of contrasting gray colors and some tile work in the shower area.

Master Bath

built-in mirrors

Shane Inman

The built-in mirrors and mirrored lightings together with the stainless steel accent tile emphasized the chic design of this bathroom.

Lugbill Design

classic white subway

Lugbill Designs

The classic white subway tile as well as the dark gray walls combined create a simple yet elegant bathroom.

Dotolo Bath

egg-shaped tub

Pulp Design Studios

The exquisite egg-shaped tub is seen directly from its glassed wall in this gray bathroom.

Dennis Master Bath

Gray Bathroom Designs

Lori Dennis

The eco-friendly cabinets and a tub carved from limestone makes it more natural and beautiful.

Consequently, we were able to display and share to you the different designs of gray bathrooms. We are glad to share some inspiration which you may consider in choosing the best style for a gray bathroom. When choosing a bathroom color, you can consider that it is an indication of your attitude or character. So, we hope that we leave you another inspirational idea of your preferred theme. You can also check our showcase of Black and White Bathroom Designs and White Bathroom Ideas. Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts with us. We can appreciate your comments.