Fabulous Mountain Views and Exteriors of the Yerger Residence in Arizona

We can undeniably say that we all want is to have free views of the panoramic or oceanic view from our house. This might be the reason why many of us are very keen of searching for a perfect place where we can invent a new house design that may offer the best features. Today, we will be sharing to you a spacious and classy house design that may offer a mountain view from the interior and exterior of the house.

Nestled in Phoenix, Arizone is a house design named as Yerger Residence. As a residential house, you may surely be surprised of how the homeowner can consistently experience the amazing views of the Camelback Mountain. The extreme comfort and charm is really achieved by the client. Let us take a look at the different parts of the house through the images below.

Yerger Residence Here is the front area of the house where you may surely identify the expensive materials used by the designer to achieve the client’s request.

Fabulous Mountain Views As you enter the house, you may immediately see the koi pond and the volumetric forms of the house building.

Arizona home design You may see the effective use of the terrazzo flooring that perfectly jives with the black sofa in this living room.

kitchen dining design Expensive chandelier hanged in the dining table is very effective to explain its modern and luxurious concept.

hallway Unique character and style is stressed in the interior which ensure stress-free area in the house.

mini bar design Wooden and stainless steel bench in this simple mini bar adds attraction in the interior.

dining area In the dining area, the Camelback Mountain religiously offers the relief and relaxing views.

stairs glass frame Transparency is also important in the house design as you can see the glassed frame in the stairs.

bedroom In the morning, the sustainable light graced the warm and fabulous design of this bedroom with its red mattress.

bathroom glass wall Latest design of this comfortable brown themed bathroom exposed its high quality fixtures and glassed walls.

bathtub Smooth texture of the bath tub and its wooden frame emphasize the idea of elegance.

garden lawn Natural ventilation and light are welcome in this clean landscaped garden.

terrace The unique and trendy design of the white chairs are presented well in the terrace which complements with the brown wooden table in the center.

patio couch Who will say that this pool area may not offer elegance and luxury?

swimming pool side A summer vacation is perfect in this pool area where you can experience the great advantage of the nature.

swimming pool design Swimming pool set in this exterior is one of the best house features that offer comfort and classy look.

bedroom pool Lines, textures and edges of the house building are well presented in this opened bedroom and koi pond.

indoor ambiance Visible look of the interiors are elegantly presented to show the great ambiance.

Yerger Residence At night this two building is very impressive as it vibrant lights emphasize its geometric forms.

From the images presented above, you may obviously see how the Chen + Suchart Studio presented the panoramic views that we are passionately hoping to own. The captivated views are freely offered in every parts of the house. The main purpose of the house design is successfully achieved where you can even see in the interior the combination of the highly refined materials and the raw industrial materials are utilized. Personally, I may recommend the incredible style and design of the interior and exterior of this residential house.