Metal Cladded Winona House in Ottawa, Canada

Like what we always say, modern homes is a trend these days but that doesn’t mean that there is only one kind of design that we see in different houses. As a matter of fact, there is a huge list of ideas and inspirations when we talk about modern homes. I’m sure you have seen that here on Home Design Lover. If you think we are done showing you modern house designs, you are wrong. We have more to show you and we will add another awesome dwelling to your list today.

In Ottawa, ON, Canada sits a stunning modern home called the Winona House. Previously, an old house is built on the site. The owners wanted to extend it but it was found out that the existing building needs to be demolished since it is no longer structurally stable and safe because of old age. And so, a new home was built with the same footprint. The design was even better with a metal cladded exterior and an interior that showcase a threshold of privacy. The public areas are in the lower level while the most private areas are at the upper level. The interior’s layout was re-organized to enable the house to serve a private residence while it is still flexible to accommodate a home business. I invite you to check on the Winona House below.

The use of metal cladding is inspired by the rural barns that can be seen all over the city. And it does look good in this modern home!

Ottawa Canada This industrial material is lightweight, durable and recyclable. Using this kind of exterior distinguish the new home to the original house.

Winona House Using charcoal grey color represents the connection of the new home to the old white mass of the house. It has this terrace where the kids can play. Note the chalkboard areas for writing.

living room White wash finish on the floors provides brightness in the house while the neutral palette adds charm in the entire area.

minimal kitchen island Pine boards from reclaimed logs are used for the flooring. In contrast with the charcoal gray core areas of the house while walls were used as well as for this kitchen area.

kitchen appliances Aside from the black and white color, pops of orange can also be seen in the interior particularly within the living room stairwell as well as some decors.

working area This is a working area in the house. Note that a smaller desk and chair is provided for the kids too.

kitchen counter The kitchen directly leads to the spacious terrace with wooden decking.

small bedroom This bedroom located on the upper area of the house has a chalkboard painted wall where they can draw and write.

orange theme You can see some orange colors in this part of the interior. Pretty interesting layout and design indeed!

white toilet room And the bathroom is all in white which of course is a good choice.

floor plan The first level shows us the public areas as well as the terrace.

Winona House While the second level has the bedrooms and other private areas.

Nice house design, right? They used the stairs to recognize increasing zones of privacy throughout the house. Doing that enables the house to maintain a feeling of openness while making sure that privacy will be observed. Even if it isn’t obvious, the Winona House by 25:8 Research + Design integrated elements of Feng Shui into the house in subtle and creative ways. The theme of prosperity is applied all throughout the house. Yep, even modern homes also consider Feng Shui!