Refined Details of the Waikapua Residence in Auckland, New Zealand

Indeed, it is true that a huge house is not enough to consider this house a comfortable place to live in. A comfortable location which is usually close to nature is a great advantage. That is why the client demanded for a house design that has an opportunity to take advantage of the bay in the location. The concept of this house actually evolved from the idea of the client and its family of group camping.

With that these family demanded for a greater space where they can designate the functional areas for their activities. The private bay and a building platform defined by ridges either set the architectural program and layout design of this considered a family beach house specifically situated on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. Let us scroll down the page and consider the best and functional areas of this house through the images below.

Waikopua Residence Spotted in the middle of these green trees in the forest and overlooking the bay is an extravagant house.

Auckland New Zealand Bricks and concrete are two most important elements of the house that underline its incredible texture.

exterior brick wall See how this natural beauty of the surroundings improves the look of the exterior.

garage area Enough space for its vehicle and boat is also intently designed in this area.

elegant fireplace design Fireplace is perfectly set in the romantic mood of the living space.

kitchen counter Lines and patterns are also shown from the cabinets and tables in this kitchen.

minimal bedroom design The LED lights utilized in this white themed bedroom are enough to underline its clean and comfortable details.

guest bedroom Here’s the open door in this room that seems to welcome the different surprising elements in the house.

mosaic tiles bathroom Huge mirrors in this bathroom harmonized with the mosaic tiles and modern fixtures.

bathtub Smooth and clean bath tub and other fixtures in this bathroom stressed its hygienic and relaxing space in the house.

patio fireplace A fireplace is also ensured in the patio area to allow the client enjoy the natural beauty outside.

ocean view terrace At the terrace, the client may capture the perfect spot of the oceanic view that is stress-free zone in the house.

landscape exterior design The geometric forms of the house building jive with the landscape in the exterior.

lawn passage area The sun set also provides a very relaxing and romantic mood in the outdoor spaces of this house.

Waikopua Residence A great ambiance and sophisticated exterior is obviously revealed in this neat and spacious patio.

As we have witnessed the essential part of the location in allowing the client to fulfill their requests, we can say that the Daniel Marshall Architects successfully applied all the elements needed. The Waikopua Bay as where the name of this residence was originated is very effective in providing the real comfort and ambiance to the exterior of the house. Definitely, we can say that all the necessary ideas and materials were utilized effectively to come up with this elegant and luxurious house design. We hope that you will not just appreciate the features of this house but will also apply its elements in your own house.