The Remarkable Amalfi Residence in Queensland, Australia

The architect was given an opportunity to compose and explore more innovative ideas in order to complete this house. This is called as Amalfi Drive Residence which is situated in Queensland, Australia. The main goal of the architect is to make use of the natural lighting and inhibiting the beautiful views. They also consider the cross ventilation to the South especially for the house. The designer preferred the open plan lay-out to be able to take the full advantage of the spaces to provide the required areas in the house.

There is a river front design found in the previous residential island that is subject for development. The architect actually designed this house for his family who loves outdoor activities. With that the house design and plan is enough for them to enjoy the river. They used the off-form concrete and heavy stucco render which are in contrast with the New Guinea rosewood cladding on the exterior. With that it definitely displays a contemporary house design. So let us check the images of the interior and exterior of this remarkable Amalfi Drive Residence below.

Amalfi Drive Residence

At night the entrance of this residence can still display the elegance for the designer placed some lights in its landscape.

Remarkable home design

The LED lights are carefully installed in the ceilings and in every part of this living space to show a luxurious design.

Queensland home design

The combination of wooden floors and plain white ceiling creates a more modern look in this interior.


Here is the clean and well organized kitchen that showcases the latest appliances and furniture.


This wooden stairs as well as the children’s painting in the wall seemingly welcomes to the visitors to explore the second level of the house.

Dining Area

This modern chandelier may surely captivate the client’s attention to enjoy their time in this dining set.

Entertainment Area

The designer may be use the simple color of the furniture here but the white and black combination makes this a remarkable space.


In this hallway, you may see the different movements of the lines and texture.

entertainment area

The big screen as well as the colourful couch set in this kids room is enough to provide them comfort and ease.

open wall layout

Through this glass walls, the interior is still visible to the exterior even at night.


Here is the master bedroom that shows more space for the client to add more of their furniture in the future.

bathroom sink

While on this master bathroom the wash area shows the smooth texture that makes it look so neat and clean.

bathtub design

This smooth and clean white tub is perfectly placed near this window so to have a great chance to see the wonderful view outside.

Amalfi Drive Residence

This bathroom may have a limited space but the white paint used here as well as this mirror seems to make this spacious.

Swimming Pool

This enchanting swimming pool highlighted the stress-free zone in this residence.

One of the best features that this house can offer is its slim wet edge swimming pool which is located on the eastern part of the house and this is adjacent to the strip of the neighbouring public parkland. The living areas are located on the lower level of the house while the bedrooms are in the upper level. The second level of the house is divided into two wings for the children and the parents as well. With all the highlighted areas of this Amalfi Residence above we can say that the BGD Architects was creatively designed and successfully come up with a contemporary house that welcomes nature and allows the sustainability as well. So we hope that you can also try to see some of the featured houses in our main page.