Gorgeous Interior and Exteriors of Mt Martha Beach House in Melbourne, Australia

We highly believe that location is one of the best factor to consider in choosing the best house design. The best house design may certainly be achieved if we find the best location that will cater the requirements. Today, we will see how the designer best utilized the location in order to fulfill the client’s wish and demands. This house is designed intently for a young family in Mount Martha.

This residential house is named after its location as the Mt Martha Beach House. This house is spotted in Melbourne, Australia and with a steep slope across the location, the designer was able to achieve its goal. This has four bedrooms which includes the flexible living space that seamlessly connects the kitchen, dining and living space to the north facing the pool, deck and the landscape at the main level of the house. Scroll down the page and see the fascinating areas of the house through the images below.

Mt Martha Beach House Take a look at the geometric form of the house and fences in the entrance that also features its unique textures.

Melbourne Australia The design and concept of the house is highly emphasized from this sloped location and trees in the surroundings.

wood plank walls Lines that creates patterns are visible from the walls and windows in this house building.

black exterior walls See this black and smooth walls of this edifice that shows its elegance and flawless design.

wood stone walls In the interior, the designer utilized wood and stones that provides two different characters but still improves its look.

fireplace area Here’s the living space that displays the sofa’s comfortable character that perfectly match with the carpet in the center.

classy interior design A combination of white, light brown and chocolate brown applied in the interior creates a very classy yet fascinating look here.

minimalist kitchen Even in the kitchen, the designer used this smooth surfaced table to maintain the neat and hygienic features.

wooden dining table Take a glance at the different elements and textures revealed in the living space that provide a very comfortable space in the house.

dark wood kitchen island Functional and sustainable elements are utilized in this kitchen to make this area comfortable for the client.

interior deisgn Geometrical shapes of the furniture in the interior also complements with the house buildings seen from the exterior.

pool wood plank Glassed walls are utilized in this area to allow the client to take the full advantage of the pool area.

swimming pool area Cool and fresh water in this rectangular swimming pool harmonized with the shape and dimensions of the house building.

deck area The swimming pool also connects the interior to the exterior for the glass materials highlighted its transparency.

Mt Martha Beach House width= In the late afternoon, the accessibility to the sunlight is one of the important sustainable features of the house.

We may see how the Wolveridge Architects effectively allows the participation of the amazing location in making this house functional, sustainable and gorgeous. Definitely, we can see its designs that promotes open and intimate living areas which took the full advantage of the solar energy accessibility. The amazing views to the north that ensures the protection from this harsh coastal winds to ensure the spaces remain functional throughout the year. We hope that you also find this house interesting.