From Warehouse to Greenhouse: A Splinter Society Design

A unique home seats in Hawthorn, Australia. Wonder what makes this home unique? This house is shelled in a warehouse. The lovely greenhouse that you see is actually a renovation of a warehouse that is why you can still see touches of an industrial look like the exposed brick walls. The homeowners wanted Splinter Society Architecture and Birdsmouth Construction to create a cozy home from the existing warehouse. They want it to be green, safe, non-toxic, happy and sunny environment to suit the needs of the kids and the entire family.

Since the homeowners wanted to have an industrial look, the brick walls were retained. The entire lot was not used and the brick walls were used for the garden walls. Original materials from the warehouse including the foundation, beams, masonry walls, spotted gum boards, steel columns and others were also used. As a result, this house had 3 bedrooms, 2 living spaces, a study and outdoor living areas, a yard and green roofs. Let us take a look at the images of the house.

Warehouse Splinter

Green roofs and green landscape jives well together for this warehouse transformed into a green home. But green here doesn’t just stand for color but also for its being eco-friendly.


To modulate heat from the sun, bright green metal screens and green claddings were used on one side of the house.

House in a Splinter

In this image, you can see the brick walls on two sides-one for the wall of the house on one side and the other as a garden wall.

Splinter Society

The house can give access to the outdoors and would also allow natural breezes to get in.

warehouse interior

Wood is used for the home’s interior just like this lovely kitchen.

warehouse dining

White makes the home’s interior appear cozier despite its industrial touch adapted from the warehouse.

warehouse dine living

A view of the home’s interior where you can see a screen that separates the living room from the dining area and kitchen. The use of screen could create a coherent look for the interior design and its architecture.


The house allows the homeowners to access the outdoor area even from the second level. You can also see the use of wooden panels for the wall.

Side Stairs

A closer look at the stairs made of wood and steel. This sure is a modern design for a stair.


A stairwell in the house that sure is a thing of beauty! The walls were designed artistically.

Warehouse Out

The house has an outdoor living room so that the homeowners can have a great time with nature.

The house is eco-friendly in many ways. Its solar orientation, double gazing and high level of insulation can help minimize energy losses. It also uses energy-efficient systems and computer-controlled lighting to further reduce the energy use. Aside from that, solar heat could also provide hot water to the home. Like other sustainable homes, it uses rainwater for irrigation which is collected in tanks. No wonder this design received recognition around the globe! Splinter Society Architecture and Birdsmouth Construction had a successful collaboration for this project.