The Redefined Beauty of the Fremantle Additions in Western Australia

Spotted in Western Australia is a modern house completed by Jonathan Lake Architects. This displays a contemporary design with the materials that definitely speaks of the great elements used to highlight a unique style. Well they intended to use the rammed limestone walls that provide a great explanation why they used the rubble walls in the existing house before they redesign it. Well the original house design faces on the main road and seated at the subdivided block with a shared vehicular access to a contemporary house.

Also the original house has a corrugated iron roof over rough heavy walls with dark interiors and it has no connection to the external environment. Well the client requested to replace the existing fibro lean-to at the rear that composed of the kitchen, dining, bathroom and the laundry. While the only additional request by the client was to have a separate en suite off the main bedroom. The additional materials also improve the qualities of the material, light and tactility that made them create a series of spaces to elevate the experience in the interior. Now why don’t we take a look at the other parts of the interior and exterior of this Fremantle Additions through its images below.

Fremantle Additions

The tall green trees can simply highlight the elements used in the walls and roof of this modern house.

Redefined home design

Take a look at the open space in the entrance as it provides the easy access to its interior.

Western Australia home design

The cantilevered volume and shape of the edifice of this house is clearly emphasized here.

lawn couch set

This space is one of the most comfortable areas in the house where the homeowners can still enjoy the exterior.

kitchen design

The rough texture contrasted the smooth texture of the ceiling and the table in this kitchen.


Simple yet innovative style of furniture and fixture are well arranged in this kitchen.

Dining Room

Fine and smooth texture of the wooden table and white chairs is highlighted in this dining space.


As you can see, the incredible curve in this chair assures the client to be able to experience a great comfort sitting here.

Dining area

Obviously you may feel the natural ventilation in this area because of the open lay out plan used by the designer.

dining set

You may see the clean and smooth texture from this open door to the dining space.


High rated and quality fixture are used in this simple and modern beige bathroom.

Bathroom stonewall

The rough texture of the stone in the wall near the door gives a different expression of art in this bathroom.

bathtub window

See how the designer carefully utilized this modern faucet for this smooth and white bathtub.

indoor lighting

The lighting material used here plays its important role in redefining the elegance of the interior and it’s exterior.

Fremantle Additions

Even at night the geometric volume of this house building still speak of its comfort and art.

The roof material used here is capable of unveiling the beauty of the interior that will allow the light and natural ventilation here. The texture of the cladding also provides a visual tactility to the roof through the amazing role of the light and its shadow over its surface. Despite of the fact that the designers encountered crucial issues for them to be able to connect the new design to its old design, still they can manage to come up with an innovative redesign of the house. Thus we can say that indeed they were able to display the elements of the contemporary house. We are certain that you may get some ideas on Jonathan Lake Architects’ redesign of the house.