The Music Box Residence: A Beautiful Home for a Family Who Loves Music

A beautiful contemporary house that allows its owners to express their interest in music.

Some homes are designed in a way that it will fit into the homeowner’s likes, hobbies and interests. This way, one will be able to enjoy what they like even in their own homes. Others will incorporate their interests in the design of the home. Of course, homes reflect our personality and it is just right to apply whatever we want that will fit into our lifestyle. There are homes that reflect the family’s love for travel while others will show the kind of profession they have. We have homes like that here on Home Design Lover but today, we will feature a home wherein the family has a love for music.

The Music Box Residence was designed around the intimate and communal qualities of music and family. The precarious parcel, with perspectives towards Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier, managed a multi-level structure. On the lower level, encompassed by solid dividers, dwells the timpani practice room. The spouse, an individual from the Oregon Symphony, required space and acoustic detachment to practice his instrument. On the primary level sits the piano studio where the spouse’s understudies come to learn and play. Her studio opens onto the primary front room also, secured open air living zone for presentations and gatherings. The upper level houses the couple’s kids, guardians, and visitors. Proceed up and an electronic rooftop hatch turns open, uncovering a rooftop deck, complete with summoning perspectives of woodland stop, the city and mountains. The “U” molded arrangement of the contemporary home has extensive volumes on both sides with a lustrous two-story passage space in the center. A long span, with bamboo woodland beneath, leads from the walkway to the fundamental passage. The outside, clad in dark recolored siding; reminiscent of “shosugi boycott,” or burned wood, pays reverence to their Japanese family line.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Designer: Scott | Edwards Architecture

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: A home designed for a family of music lovers which has intimate spaces and communal areas for the family.

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This home, located on a steep lot in Portland, Oregon, with views towards Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier, has been designed for a family that loves music.

Scott | Edwards Architecture

The Music Box Residence, designed by Scott | Edwards Architecture, is a multi-level home that has spaces for music rehearsals and practices.

The Music Box Residence

The exterior of the home is clad in black stained siding.

The Music Box Residence landscaped yard

The home also has a landscaped yard with a winding path leading to a small outdoor area.

The Music Box Residence

During the night, the house looks beautiful when it is lighted. Notice that it has a black exterior and when it is dark, it seems that only the lighted part exists.

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The Music Box Residence bridge

To enter the home, you must pass over a bridge, with a bamboo forest below, that leads from the sidewalk to the main entry.

The Music Box Residence living room

Inside, the home really opens up, with a double height ceiling and a living room with idyllic views. Just off the living room is an outdoor dining and BBQ area.

The Music Box Residence windows

Large windows provide an abundance of natural light to the space, making it feel even more open and airy than it already is.

The Music Box Residence piano studio

As the family loves music, there’s a piano studio where the wife’s students come for lessons. The studio also opens onto the main living room and covered outdoor living area, perfect for hosting recitals and parties.

The Music Box Residence kitchen and dining

The kitchen and dining area share the same room, making it easy to interact with guests and family when preparing dinner.

The Music Box Residence timpani rehearsal room

On the lowest level of the home and surrounded by concrete walls, is the timpani rehearsal room. The husband, a member of the Oregon Symphony, uses the space for practicing his instruments.

The Music Box Residence stairs

Wood and steel stairs guide you through various levels of the home.

The Music Box Residence rooftop deck

And when the family wants some quiet time, they can retreat to the rooftop deck, accessed by an electronic roof hatch that pivots open.

It is great that the family could integrate fun and leisure into their daily lives. It is a nice feeling that you can do what you want in your own home. Imagine if you feel like making music or you are too depressed or too happy, you can just go to the music room. It is a nice way of self-expression. This home is designed by Scott | Edwards Architecture who didn’t just made it perfect for the music lovers but also made sure that its cozy, comfortable and beautiful. How about you, do you have comments about the house?