The Fastidious Design of the Southlands Residence in Vancouver, Canada

A residence spotted in Vancouver’s historical Dunbar-Southlands neighborhood is our featured house for today. Well this house is designed around the structural grid which is established by an earlier residence. With an area of 3,200 square feet this residence is completed by Vance Horres of the Dialog. This residence in Vancouver, Canada is called as Southlands Residence. The Dialog renovated and redesigned this house but you may still see the other remaining materials that they preferred to be keep.

The Southland Residence is said to re-interpret the competing notions of privacy and exposure. It features the beautiful landscape, fastidious interior, millwork objects and substantial feature skylight. With its integrated garden storage and potting areas, the homeowner may access the private outdoor environment which is situated on the north side of the house. There are many surprising rooms that will surely capture your attention. Now why don’t we explore more of the other parts of this Southlands Residence through its images below.

Southlands Residence

You may see the incredible landscape that stands out in the exterior of this contemporary house.

deck area

At night, the lights emphasize the lines and textures that are clearly seen in the floors and walls in this terrace.

floor pen light

The designer utilizes glass doors and windows to visibly see the interior from its exterior.

red couch set

The contrasts between the smooth and rough texture are well displayed in this living area where the client can sit down and relax.

chair designs

The client may take the full advantage of the beautiful green trees and plants in the garden.


A sophisticated stairs connects the two levels of the house that adds more beauty in the interior.

Living Room

This red sofa set stands out in the middle of this wooden brown and white concept of the living room.

Dining Room

This spacious dining area showcase a more relaxing and comfortable zone where the homeowners can fully enjoy their meal.


The unusual shapes and angles are highlighted in the furniture.


Let’s take a glimpse of this uniquely designed kitchen with its feature skylight that conserves energy consumption during daytime.


The wooden board placed beside this bed creates a connection from the natural elements in the exterior.

Dining area

The designer used simple materials in redesigning this house but he meticulously utilize this materials to create more sophisticated ideas in the interior.

exterior design

Notice how the different elements of stone, wood and glass materials are applied in this exterior to present a unique and modern house design.


The glass material divides the bath tub from the other parts of the bathroom where they can experience a more intimate and relaxing area in the house.

Southlands Residence

With this vibrant light in the interior, the geometrical volume of this house is stressed in the middle of this green plants and trees.

As you can see the interiors has a strong connection between the main floor and the lower part of the living area. Because of this, it offers the most beautiful architectural elements in the form of highly crafted steel. As a whole we can say that the Dialog successfully made use of the different elements of architecture e to create not just a unique design but with an elegant and astounding ambiance in the surroundings.