Life in Spiral Home of Tokyo, Japan

Making a statement in designing a house usually is up to the client. What is it that they really want to achieve in the house they would be living in? There are a lot of factors to consider, the location, the people living in it, their lifestyle, maybe even budget, but the house that we will feature in this article is a house making an Urban Statement. Something that is modern, but at the same time, homey. The Life in Spiral is an example of a house that provides this relationship between an urban lifestyle and a serene home.

This amazing cramped looking residence is located in Tokyo, Japan. Designed by Hideaki Takayanagi of Hideaki Takayanagi Arch. & Assoc.,Ltd. He aimed to showcase a home with a glass facade that is inspired by the classical Japanese porches or Engawa. This classical porch is usually a wooden strip flooring before windows and storm shutters inside traditional Japanese rooms.

The Life in Spiral home in Tokyo only comprise of 30 square meters out of the 50 square meter lot making its way in the middle of two buildings. This four storey dwelling is comprised of stairs, wherein onlookers can actually see through some parts of the house and the more private parts are enclosed in an what seems like ribbon walls which encircles the entire house. Let us take a look at some images of the house so you can see what we had been describing here.

Spiral Home design

Look at how the lines in the glass window make the house appear taller.

spiral front

The house really stands out especially that its location is sandwiched between two other tall buildings.

study room

In this image, you can see how the minimal space was maximized thru making the entire wall as a book shelf or storage area and underneath them is a long piece of wood that was made to serve as a study table.


This shows the stairs which leads to the mini dining area and the kitchen.

Japan home design

Isn’t the dining area cute? The way they mixed the colors for the seats made the space alive.

dining area

The vertical shutters gives more privacy to this area and at the same time gives the outside a view from the inside if the shutters aren’t closed.


The design of the stairs being enclosed gives a feel of the engawa, like another door or window to another part of the house.

white interior concept

The assymetrical corners of the house makes the house more sleek because of the angles created of the walls.

powder area

Look at the lavatory that seems specially made for this fabulous home. The angles give more life and interest in this place.

green bathroom

It’s nice to always combine colors with places which is usually made up of white walls. This bath gives a lusher feel to the home, thanks to adding color to this room.


This bedroom looks very public because of the glass windows, but like the goal of the designer, putting the shutters and the curtains give the room privacy.


The designers made use of the wall divider by turning it into a closet and a book shelf in one.

wide window design

For ventilation purposes, the glass windows can also be opened to increase air circulation in the house.

indoor lighting

This is how the house looks like during the night. You are able to see public areas like the living and dining while the private areas are concealed by the stairs.

pen light

In this side, we are able to see the study area on the ground floor which is not visible when you look directly in the glass facade since it is enclosed.

Spiral Home

Check at the Life in Spiral home during the night in this angle looking so adorable. A haven wherein everything seems clean and inviting.

The Hideaki Takayanagi Arch. & Assoc.,Ltd is one of the the Japanese companies who handles large-scale architectural projects especially for business associates. But as a design policy, the architects in this firm aims to build a house- a house that the owners can consider their dream house. Hideaki Takayanagi Arch. & Assoc.,Ltd wants to make sure that they share the dreams of their clients.

In this modern day and age, with the influence of technology and art, we get to discover new homes wherein strong desire for uniqueness is quite evident. In most of the homes that we feature in the website, you get to see those types of homes which might also inspire you in the homes that you want to have. The designers of this home is one of the best in their field, you can check out the portfolio of Hideaki Takayanagi Arch. & Assoc.,Ltd anytime to see their best designs yet to date.