Exceptional Geometrical Forms and Design Expose in the Sunflower House in Spain

Have you ever seen a house that is designed like a flower?

Have you ever imagined a house building designed and inspired by a structure of a flower? Well, architects and designers of today are so brilliant and creative to play with the design inspired by nature and incorporate it with the design of the house. We know that many homeowners also believe that a great connection to the nature is one big factor in welcoming the comfort and stress-free experience in their house. So the architects got an idea to use nature in conceptualizing our featured house for today. Do you think that a flower can help the designer achieved his ideal concept?

Today our featured house is inspired by a sunflower and that is why this is named as the Sunflower House. For this house design the homeowner can take the full advantage of the Mediterranean Sea in Girona, Spain. Well this is said to be a place where the Pyrenees get into the water that can generate exceptional wildlife richness both in the coast and in the water. The homeowner wanted a house in front of the Mediterranean Sea where their house can be fully exposed to the views. This project starts from this dichotomy that can reinforce the relation to the sea while finding and attracting the sun into the house. Now let us see how the designer successfully reinvents the house concept through the different amazing areas of the house in the images below.

Location: Girona Spain

Designer: Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two levels

Unique Features: The house is designed like a flower. It was able to identify each particularities of this magnificent landscape, with its geometry, the house frames a multiplicity of different and specific views and builds up content spaces that inhabit great big framed views.

Sunflower House See how the geometrical figures of the house building takes the full advantage of nature. The frontal view is very impressive as it offers the immensity of the open sea. Indeed, the rocks and the ever changing sky transformed its textures because of the strong wind.

Girona, Spain The sustainable lights as well as the sky views harmonized with the boxes. The plants and the stunning landscape enhances the look of the exterior of this house.

Cadaval & Solà-Morales Spacious interiors also offer comfortable zones where the client can stay and relax. The modern and stylish design of the furniture in this area has remarkably enhanced its look.

Sunflower House During daytime, the sustainable lights are welcomed for the glass materials of the house are very effective. The client may also view the beauty of the surroundings.

Girona, Spain What a beautiful day it is to view the relaxing scene of the Mediterranean Sea through this opened glassed sliding door from the living space.

Cadaval & Solà-Morales Here’s the staircase that divides the different zones of the interiors in the first floor. The living space and dining space is set in one place in the first level of the house.

Sunflower House Modern and wooden furniture highlighted the remarkable and trendy design of this dining space. The beauty of the oceanic view is also experienced in this area.

Contemporary Home A dining space can also be transformed as a comfortable space for the homeowner to work on his project. What a great inspiration it is to be able to work while enjoying the panoramic views.

Cadaval & Solà-Morales Unique designs of these two chairs set in this area may also offer the great and lovely views of the ocean. This also shows not just the modern design but the comfortable life that this house can offer.

Contemporary Home In the outdoor space, the designer added an infinity pool and a patio space that will give comfort and luxury to the homeowner and its family.

Sunflower House White palette utilized in the interiors of the house may harmonize effectively with the wooden staircase and glassed materials in the second level of the house.

Contemporary Home Built in large cabinets is made in this bedroom to maximize the space. The white themed bedroom provides a very relaxing and neat space to stay in.

Cadaval & Solà-Morales In this bedroom, the alluring sun and mountain views as well as the sea is usually experienced by the homeowner. Different textures from the mountain and the sea is highly emphasized here.

Sunflower House From the bird’s eye view, we can see the different areas of the house through the glassed walls and charming lights installed in the interiors. The unique forms of the house building complements with the type of the location.

Girona, Spain Here you can see how the designer amazingly and brilliantly shows the different significant zones of the house. Lighting system in the indoors are very effective to efficiently expose the luxurious and charming features of the house.

This house project skillfully made by the Cadaval & Solà-Morales was indeed a success as it breaks down the panoramic view into the addition of many different conditions. The diverse functions of the house are minced and articulated so that each of them is positioned frontally to the diverse landscape conditions previously enumerated. Also obviously you can see that the strength of the project relies on its geometrical forms. The innovation and design of the house is really exceptional. The homeowner may not just enjoy the nature but also would love the modern design and concept of the house.