Extravagant Features and Style Uncover in Summit House in Beverly Hills, California

Our family members may also influence the design and style of our house. Member’s needs and demands matter the most in considering the success of the total design of our dream house. Today, we will see how the designer considers the needs of the client’s family to illustrate all the concepts and designs of the interior and exterior of this house. This contemporary home is named as the Summit House.

Spotted in Beverly Hills, California, this house was completed using the energy efficient glass walls all throughout an open floor plan, and the sight lines between floating levels and rooms allowing client’s family to stay connected visually throughout the entire space. Also the client had a passion for modernism and they even collected art pieces that the designers included in their 3D models to make sure scale and placement were considered. Scroll down the page and see the amazing features of this house through the images below.

Summit House See how the amazing volumes and geometric figure of the house building and landscape creates a relaxing mood in the exterior.

Beverly Hills California Lighting system applied in the exterior highlighted the luxurious and modern ideas of the house.

exterior landscape Lines and textures displayed from the landscape and walls of the house are highly observed here even at night.

staircase Glassed material in the frame of the staircase harmonized with the tiled floor from the entrance.

White sofa living room White and soft texture of this sofa definitely contrasted the rough texture of the carpet in the center.

grey sofa Here’s the grey sofa with the white center table that fascinatingly show its incredible curves.

interior space Spacious interior can incredibly maintain the most important functions and activity area for the members of the client’s family.

wooden dining table Dark brown color of this wooden table complements with the round and exceptional style chandelier.

kitchen island Smooth and stainless elements in this kitchen underline its contemporary style and design.

second level view From the second level of the house, the client can view the unique and artistic arrangement of the sofa and its center table.

bedroom Even in the bedroom the designer utilized the grey and white colored theme to complement with the color of the nature.

glass wall bedroom Spacious and functional ideas is set in this bedroom which also allows the client to view the exterior from its glassed walls.

office space An office space is also graced with this modern equipment to let the client avail of the latest trends and features.

bowling home area Another sports facility is built in one of the rooms in the house for entertainment and relieving their stress.

wine cellar Wines are perfectly arranged in this classy and neat designed wine cellar.

bathroom Glassed materials harmonized with the wooden and modern fixtures in this spacious bathroom.

shower room Take a look at this special space in the bathroom that may certainly provide a relaxing and stress-free zone.

rough texture wall Rough textures of the walls harmonized with the smooth and trendy design of the fixtures.

outdoor fireplace Fireplace sets the romantic and exciting space in the pool area which emphasized its charm and superb design.

Summit House The pool lights effectively unveil the contemporary and extravagant design of the exterior.

As we have seen the above images, we can undeniably say that luxury, charm and modernism made this house stand out among the other houses. In fact one of the owners is a well-known sports agent making it the first house permitted under the city of Beverly Hills green building ordinance. Well, we can see the main features of the house which we considered as “smart”, using a computer to control shades, the gray water system as well as the entertainment centers found here. We are at certain that you have learned new ideas the Whipple Russell Architects in this featured house today that you may also apply in your future house, too.