Modern Suburban Holiday Home in Australia

Beautiful modern beach house in black and white!

When you think of a holiday home, what immediately comes to your mind is a beautiful house where you can find all the comfort that you want to avail. Aside from comfy modern furniture in the living room and bedroom, there would be a porch and some relaxing outdoor space too. And then the beauty of the beach could be seen from it. There would be a pool area too! That would surely be an amazing space to live in or to spend vacation with the family.

The beautiful modern property is located directly opposite the sandy shoreline of a secluded beach. According to the designers, “the primary drive in designing a new home on this site is obviously to provide the strongest possible connection from within the house to the beach and sea beyond.” Other things were also considered in order to provide an outdoor space that is protected against prevailing winds and sea breezes so that any member of the family and guests can sit comfortably outdoors, while enjoying the beach environment whatever is the weather in the area. Living areas are seen on the first floor that accommodates the necessary visual linkage to the beach from all zones including the kitchen, dining, family space and lounge by using a faceted glass facade and protected outdoor terrace area. The design of the interior is open and relaxed with a “holiday at home” ambiance. The roof appear like almost hovering above the walls that give the area a lantern-like presence during the night. Limestone is extensively used in the house which has reference to the sand tone of the beach. It also has rich internal timbers creating counterbalance and providing necessary warmth to the home.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Designer: Steve Domoney Architecture

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: A modern house with a sleek geometric design in black and white. Its glass windows provides a good view of the beach and creates a relaxing aura all throughout the home.

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A modern home with a black and white facade. I like it that it is elevated from the ground this way and it has black frames for the windows. The steps are beautiful too. Oh I want my home to look like this!

Steve Domoney Architecture Seen here is the limestone exterior of the house with wooden door and modern landscaping.

Suburban Home A wooden fireplace is seen in the living and dining area which is also surrounded with glass providing a good view of the beach.

Suburban Home kitchen island The kitchen is spacious and has an island use for working and for preparing food. On the other side is a long countertop with cabinets below it which has the kitchen sink.

kitchen With the looks of it, the kitchen seem to have everything one needs. Modern appliances are seen here with dark wooden finish combined with stainless and white colors too.

Suburban Home staircase This is a beautiful staircase. I love this design. It’s like getting ready for flood or something. Lol! The floating treads of the stairs are beautiful too. This area also provides additional seating.

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Suburban interior design This is the living room of the house where you can also see the kitchen. The kitchen island has lights under it which makes it appear even more beautiful. Lights around the house bring more drama into it.

Suburban Home working area A working area good for two people with wooden elements again and two wooden chairs.

master bedroom The bedroom has wood everywhere too. As a matter of fact it is the same wooden finish. And the beddings are in black and white.

bathroom This bathroom has subtle Zen feel in it because of the addition of wood. The colors here indeed reflect the colors of the beach.

Suburban Home vanity Forget how this sink is called but it is part of the entire counter. Now that sure is solid! The silver and gold elements here look pretty nice.

living kids bedroom This is the kid’s bedroom which is obvious with the stuff it has inside it. Love the color blue that is seen through out the space and how the books and other display were arranged.

Isn’t this a beautiful modern house designed by Steve Domoney Architecture? It sure is! The house has an external palette of limestone and dark weathered zinc paneling that provides resilience to the harsh sea front condition of the area. At the same time, it gives an assured nod to a relaxed coastal home typology. The interior of the house is very beautiful and relaxing as well.