Green and Voluminous Characters of the Sinbad Creek Residence in California

We always love to have a house that would maintain sustainability, comfort and charm from its outdoor vicinities and indoors. Indeed the size of the location as well as the forms of the house architecture and structure has a great influence in achieving the features that we dreamed of. Today we will be sharing to you a house that is completed in 2010. This house has approximately has 3,400 square feet on a 5.3 acre lot. This house is named as the Sinbad Creek Residence.

This residential house is located in the rural town of Sunol, California. The exterior of the house is clad in Western Red Cedar boards and stucco. Sustainability is one of the best features of this house can offer to its client. The sustainable features have been emphasized with low VOC Paints and adhesives, chemical dye-free wool carpets, formaldehyde-free insulation and casework. Let us see more of the sustainable features that this Sinbad Creek Residence could offer through the set of images below.

Sinbad Creek Residence Geometric figures are underline from the house building settled at the heart of this green grasses and trees in the surrounding.

Voluminous Characters Smooth pavement is secured in the exterior that also highlight the amazing landscape that complements with the house building design.

California The use of wooden and concrete materials is effectively applied in constructing the unique shape of the house building.

exterior design From the man’s eye view; you can perceive how the designer made the most of the spacious area of the house.

lawn area Special designation of private spaces is visibly seen in the exterior.

living room LED lights are utilized that enhanced the impressive look of this modern interior.

family room Black sofa set also secure comfort and charm in the entertainment space.

clean interior spaces Neat and clean features of the house are highlighted in the interior spaces.

glass dining set Modern seats arranged in this glazed dining table complements with the unique and elegant lamps hanged above it.

kitchen area Gorgeous and extraordinary lamps installed in the kitchen that made this more modern and charming.

staircase Natural lights are welcome in the indoor spaces for its glazed walls and doors.

bedroom Orange mattresses and accessories used in the main bedroom enhance the warm feeling and refreshing view outside.

modern fireplace Wooden pattern in the floor creates a rough texture and a strong movement that made this interior look livelier.

lawn pathway Concrete stairs and pavement are effective to make this exterior accessible to the other places in the surrounding.

night lighting Warm and cozy feeling stand out even in the entrance area for its LED lights emphasized elegance, too.

Sinbad Creek Residence Who will not say that comfort and great style are offered in the interiors and exteriors of this house?

As we have witnessed the different sustainable features above through the efforts of photographs taken by Russell Abraham, we can truly appreciate how the Swatt | Miers Architects successfully highlighted its full details. Some of the sustainable features that I am appreciate are the roof mounted photovoltaic array and solar hot water collectors, cool-membrane roofing, hydronic in-floor radiant heating and provisions for a future in-ground water collection system. See now do you believe that those sustainable features can also be possible to be in your dream house? Yes it is. We hope that we haven’t just impressed you with the house design for today but also you learned something new today.