Captivating Elegance Highlighted in the Silver Wood House in North Portugal

Every family members are excited when going to the beach especially during summer. The idea of natural green views as well as the fresh and cool water in the sea made them enjoy and spend quality time together. Today we will explore a house design that is made according to the intentions of the client. This house is named as the Silver Wood House, a home situated in the north of Portugal. The clients actually showed the intended design of the house that they need to be transformed into a more functional one.

Summer vacation involves a large amount of budget that they may use in order to provide the best time ever with the rest of the family members. The new design of the house really surprised the client as it was changed into a more pleasant and fresh-looking house. Art elements are also utilized to make the house look lovelier and livelier. Check the images below and see how the designer responded to the requests of the clients.

Silver Wood House Look at how the designer utilized the wooden and materials from these geometrical forms of the house building.

North Portugal Well landscaped exterior enhanced the patterns and lines seen from the floors and walls of this garden.

diagonal wood plank wall See how these lines from the walls and ceiling of this entrance creates a movement and incredible pattern here.

wooden floor and furnitures Even in the interior, the designer consistently applied wooden and geometric forms of the furniture creates a different dimensions here.

professional dining space See how this flawless glassed center table that is functional with a modern design is applied in this classy dining space in the first level of the house.

natural wood design The natural wooden design seen from the floor and staircase complements with the color of the cabinet here.

clean wood staircase design Different volume and patterns are carefully observed in this extraordinary staircase.

bookshelf The designer also provides a special space for the office area where the client can comfortably work on his unfinished task.

patio area A combination of white, beige and brown color in the patio area creates an artistic and romantic mood even at the daytime.

patio diagonal planks Lines and textures are carefully displayed from the floors and walls of this patio area which shows its incredible pattern, too.

terraces Simple yet exceptional design of these two-storey house displays a very comfortable and relaxing views.

exterior design Clean and fresh water in this swimming pool may add luxury and elegance in the exterior of this house.

evening house lighting The lighting system proves its importance especially at night as it provides a great ambiance in the pool area.

swimming pool Even at night the designer allow the luxurious and elegant features of the exterior of this house.

Silver Wood House Well-arranged and organized zones in the house is highlighted from the front area of the house to the pool area as well.

Since the client loves the experience in viewing the beautiful and amazing sights of the beach, the Ernesto Pereira brings the idea and description of the comfortable spaces in the house. The designer brings the idea of applying the elements of the beach where the entire family can feel summer vacation even at home. Definitely, we can see that the clients are very happy and satisfied with what the designer did to their house. The house remarkably highlighted the importance of nature in achieving the best design and sustainable house.