Cross Stitch Residence A Tapestry Inspired Home in Australia

Anything can be possible when it comes to home design. Architects as well as interior designers will do everything to fulfill the needs of the clients no matter how challenging it is. This Clinton Residence in Melbourne VIC, Australia celebrated the tradition of tapestry and stitching techniques. They did this by using timber beams to form the thread that stitches the new living room to the existing house. And you will see that in the images we have below.

But before you take a look at the pictures of the house, you will better understand it if you know the brief of the project. FMD Architects said that “the brief was to create new Living and Dining spaces, relocate the existing kitchen and bathrooms and improve access to natural light in the main living and main bedroom areas. The existing Victorian eastern end of the house containing 2 bedrooms was to remain and be refurbished. The functional requirements of the client were simple. The only particular requirement was to find a place in the design for 3 tapestries of houses that her mother had made.” And they did just that. Come and take a look!

FMD Architects

You will not expect that these timbers here have a story and are not mere decors to the structure. And we admit that it looks fascinating!

Australia houses

Closer look at the timber beams that connect the new living area to the existing house. You can also see that there is a water feature with plants that add drama to the area.

Clinton Residence

The interior of the house has wooden materials and still has that wooden beams.

Tapestry Inspired Home

The timber beams sew the house together creating that coherent look from the outdoor area into the interior.

Cross Stitch Residence

Skylights are added to this part where the “threads” meet to welcome more natural light into the space.

powder room

A unique shape for the vanity of this powder room pairs well with the shape of the mirror.

bedroom design

The bedroom has neutral colors adapting that of the environment outdoors.

beam design

A view of the ceiling with skylights and timber beams that meet to a “bobbin”.

interior design

Overall, the look of the interior is very much cozy and relaxing because of its colors and materials.


This is the existing Victorian eastern end of the house containing 2 bedrooms which was to remain and be refurbished.

floor plan

Floor plan of the house showing us the existing house and the added areas as well as the timber beams.

cross section

Cross section of the house showing us how it looks on the front.

Clinton Residence

When cut lengthwise, this is how the house appears showing us the “threads”.

Awesome right? Who would have thought that a house can actually be designed based on stitches? Well, aside from the timber beams that serve as the thread, “the timber beams at the northern point converge into a large timber column, reminiscent of a bobbin thread. Within the courtyard a mirror is positioned strategically at the end of the threads to extend the space and create a sense of unraveling (while concealing the services of the building).” Totally cool. FMD Architects were really creative and smart that they were able to come up with this design. What can you say about it?