A House with Scrap Wood Walls in Israel

Here is a creative way to use scrap wood for the home.

Scrap wood? Well, for most of us it is nothing but something that belongs to the trash especially if there are already rotten parts but for creative people, scrap wood is actually an opportunity to create something unique, beautiful and useful. In truth, there are so many things that you can make using scrap wood that range from a wall decor and even storage boxes. You can even make furniture like a table using scrap wood. But for this home that we will feature today, it uses scrap wood in a surprisingly creative manner.

A home in Hofit, Israel is designed by Brahma-Architects. It features walls that are covered in a variety of scrap wood pieces but these were mainly contained to the area around the home’s art studio. Well if you come to think of it, using scrap wood for the walls of the art studio seems appropriate because of the artistic flair these walls are exhibiting. With that, the walls of the studio also became an artistic statement for the house. I know you are curious on how they used it and how it looked like after it was used for the area. Take a look at the home below.

Location: Hofit, Israel

Designer: Brahma-Architects

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: This home is a contemporary space wherein its art studio’s wall is covered with scrap wood making it appear very unique.

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This house might inspire you to gather your scrap woods of different colors, shapes and sizes because when you put them together, it results into a very artistic area like this one. It is also nice that the exterior walls of the house are white because it balanced the look.


This is how the facade of the house looks like. For sure, if you happen to pass by the home, you will be curious about its scrap wood walls and ceilings. It does look really interesting which adds more beauty to the home’s curb appeal.

house scrap wood

Isn’t this a beautiful part of the house? It is just lovely that you can see all these color variations in the area. Also seen here is a part of the landscaping which also brought beauty to the space.

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house scrap wood porch

This is the covered porch that can be accessed from the art studio. One can rest here or read a book or just enjoy the views around it. It has two wooden chairs in it and a small square table. It would be nice to stay in this area especially on a relaxing summer afternoon. Also seen here is a wooden planter box that contains plants on it to bring a refreshing feel in the area.

house scrap wood art studio

One look at this will give you the idea that this is indeed an art studio because of all the items in here. On the wall, there are also floating shelves where paint brushes, paint and other things that the artist needs are being stored. You can also see here the outdoor area which also has scrap wood for the walls and ceiling.

house scrap wood interior

The art studio can be accessed through a glass door that features a blue wooden rocking chair. You can see here the art works that the owner has been working on. And even if we really can’t see clearly, it is obvious that these are magnificent works of art. Also seen here is a long working table and a chair.

house scrap wood bookshelf

It is nice that the scrap wood comes in different colors. Because of that look, the bookshelf on the wall seems camouflaged as it appears to blend with the colors of the walls. There is also a creative decor on the side that resembles a dried a plant.

So, what can you say? Well, for sure, after seeing this home, you were amazed that scrap wood can actually be used in this manner. But this isn’t for those who want a neat look. This is something that artistic people would love. This is an idea from Brahma Architects that showed us that even trash can actually turn into something beautiful and useful as long as it is used in a nice manner. For sure, you loved how the walls looked like in this house. Others would say that they just want to look at it but would not like to use it for their own homes. We would respect that, but at least, aside from the aesthetics, this house design has conveyed an important message to us- that not everything that is scrap is actually trash.