Picture Frame House- A Vivid Modern Home Design

You might wonder why the house is called such. The facade of the Picture Frame House is made up of a series of picture frames that frames the home’s architecture. It has a floor to ceiling glass throughout the house. The concept of this home was conceived from their aim to achieve a house that has an international style modern residence. They would like to take full advantage of the panoramic views around the area with a 360 degrees eye candy from the Saratosa downtown, the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay and New Pass. The central attraction of the house is its courtyard which integrates both indoor and outdoor living.

This courtyard is located on the center of the home. So to speak, a courtyard is surrounded by the house which also connects the garage and guest house in the front to the main house in the rear house. The floor plan of the house has a reverse style. The secondary bedrooms and rooms are on the first floor. The master bedroom, great room and kitchen are located on the second floor. There is also a roof deck with wooden decking and green grass allowing the homeowners to get a good view of its surroundings. Let us now take a look at some images of this 6400 square feet house in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Picture Frame House

Picturesque indeed! The combination of concrete, glass and steel worked well together to come up with this modern home.

Exterior design

A ridged yet fluid house design using cypress and shade sails. Looking at this house would make you curious of what you can find in the interior.

Picture Frame House

This is the guest house and garage located on the front area of the house.

Caterpillar House Pool

What you are seeing now is the courtyard that connects the front and rear area of the house. It has a cantilevered staircase that leads to the front door.

Side Pool

Fire, water, palm trees and lovely lightings work well together for this courtyard with a lap pool.

Interior design

The open layout of the house makes it look even more spacious, relaxing and inviting. Its use of white and ample lighting contributes to its calming aura.

Green chair

Adding these green seats and a wall art with green touches seemingly liven up the look of the room.


We love these drum shaped pendant lights because they have varying colors of pastel pink, blue and violet. The kitchen uses wood and metal for its cabinets and fixtures.


Drive your eyes to the wall art near the foot of the stairs and to the beautiful wall texture on the other side of the wall.

interior wall texture

Now take a look at this stairs. This is connected to the cantilevered bridge that we saw in the courtyard.

outdoor furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture allows the homeowners to get a panoramic view of the surroundings while on the roof deck of the house.


One look at this will make you think of a land area near the beach but this is actually the roof deck made of wood and grass.

Picture Frame House

This is where they come out towards the roof deck.

Bay view

From the bay, this is how the house looks like. Isn’t it a gem?

floor Plan

Check out the central courtyard’s position in this layout. Looking at this will give you a better understanding of the home’s design.

Second Floor

The second floor plan with bedrooms and other living areas.

Picture Frame House

The plan of the roof deck showing a covered area and the grass and wood areas.

This is one stunning house indeed! The architecture is impressive. The interior is breath-taking. The outdoor landscaping is inviting! The house is indeed like a lovely photo placed on a picture frame. But no, it isn’t just a beauty that can be hanged on the wall because it is something that the homeowners reside on each day. Its beauty is something that fuels the joy of the homeowners as they relax in their very own home which gives them the feeling of always on vacation! The DSDG Inc. Architects deserve applause for this house. They also had a good collaboration with the builders from Voigt Brothers Construction.