Interesting and Fabulous Landscape in the Orchard House in New York

Many people get attracted to the landscape found in the exterior of their houses. Indeed, we can say that landscape is more than just a scenery since this connects the people and the place. Superb and natural environment may also provide the most fascinating and relaxing place to live in. Certainly, a landscape helps in improving the look of the house design. Today, we will show you the most interesting and fabulous features of the Orchard House.

This is specifically spotted in Sagaponack, New York. Well as we can see the house exterior, its landscape was considered in every details of the house design. This results astounding views where the client may enjoy with his friends and relatives. The amazing structure of the house also complements with the beautiful site in the outdoor areas. Scroll down the page and witness the elegant and luxurious details of the house through the images below.

Orchard House See the amazing pattern that is also attractive for its artistic pattern and designs.

New York Living space is one of the most important areas in the house where we can comfortably sit down and relax with our family.

living room Trendy and well-arranged furniture is also set in this entertainment room that also allows the client to avail the natural light.

contemporary kitchen Neat and contemporary design and concept is highlighted in this functional and efficient kitchen.

dark dining area Art wall and the LED lights in the living and kitchen space also improves the look of the interior.

floating staircase Wooden staircase in this limited space may also underline its elegance and functions.

bedroom white This smooth and flawless texture of the bed harmonize with the texture of the walls and ceiling in this bedroom.

interior space Trendy and unique designed chair provide a more relaxing space in this interior.

bedroom Colorful bed sheets may break the plainness and simplicity in this bedroom.

bathroom comfy Limited space in the bathroom can also prove its function while the LED lights underlines its charm.

bathtub Looking closely at the fixtures in this bathroom may simply underscore its fashion and functions.

patio area Patio area in this house also provides a very sustainable feature as it allows the natural light on it.

garden landscape Well designed and well-arranged furniture in this garden emphasized its fabulous design and style.

evening house lighting When the night comes, the lighting system in the house stressed the luxury and charm in the interior and exterior.

evening patio Geometrical figures of the house structure as well as the terrace highlighted its great and enchanting design.

Orchard House The serenity and tranquility of the garden is well-observed through this well-lighted swimming pool.

We have been captured with the amazing details of this house showcasing two lean volumes that re-open onto a re-imagined orchard property. Matthew Carbone, photographer, effectively described the house through his photos that truly reveals its natural beauty. The Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects has presented well the extraordinary concept and design of this Orchard House. We hope that you just not appreciate the features of this house but you may apply its concept in your future house, too.