Limited But Peculiar Vicinities Exposed in the OOI House in Singapore

Many of us must admit that we are searching for a house that would offer a sense of adventure, fun, green awareness and functionality. We desired to have spacious house that will allow our family to spend their daily activities. Today, we will be sharing to you a house design that maximizes the limited space of the location. Even if the homeowner expressed their passion to live in a home where their children and grandparents can still work, play and enjoy their hobbies together.

This house is called OOI House which is spotted in Singapore. This is successfully built in the year 2009 for the young professionals who are involved in medical R&D with a teenage daughter and an elderly person. The location of this house is within the Thompson Tree conservation area which is really surrounded by mature trees and lush vegetation. This has a unique shape for it has a long narrow plot with its length running parallel to an adjacent steep road. Let us see more of the peculiar areas of the house through the images below.

OOI House Curves and volumes of this house building are well-presented in the front area.

Peculiar Vicinities The lines and figures of the house perfectly blend with the swimming pool in the backyard.

Singapore The designer also preferred glass and wooden materials to make the areas in the second level of the house visible.

lawn area Openness concept of the house programme is also utilized by the designer to associate the interior to the outdoor spaces.

living room Since the living room serves as the heart of the house, this presented the important areas such as kitchen, dining and living space.

interior design Sliding glass doors and glassed walls are very effective in maintaining the strong connection between the interior and exterior.

office area A working space in the second level of the house was intended to allow the homeowner to complete his work at home.

open bedroom This red velvet bed enhances the sophisticated look of this open-space bedroom.

sliding wall The homeowner can still view this bedroom from the third level of the house for its glassed frame features.

bathroom Sustainable light may be experienced in the bathroom especially during daytime.

bathroom design Spacious and modern concept of this brown bathroom harmonized with the rare shape of the interior.

pool area We may carefully see the amazing patterns from the wooden floors that match with the glazed frames utilized in the staircase.

pool side Here’s the rectangular shaped swimming pool that harmonized with the wooden floors surrounded it.

swimming pool The swimming pool may also be best accessible in the living room that adds comfort and luxury.

outdoor lighting At night time, the lighting system in the house can captivate the heart of the client’s guest as well.

OOI House Exceptional and fabulous edifice of the house is effectively graced with its vibrant lights and elements.

For the location has a limited space, the designer needs to compact programmatic spatial requirements and formal expression such that function and form may complement with each other. What really impressed me most in the features presented above is that unique location for the swimming pool. The Czarl Architects successfully ensured the different important places for the family and his extended relatives. For me the family members would really enjoy every details of the house. We hope that you find this house comfortable with its unique features that may apply in your future house.