Nicholson House With A Unique Tree Steel Applique

Today’s house feature is the Nicholson House which is also known as the Treetop House because of the tree decor that retains the feeling of the trees which were once there before the site existed. The Matt Gibson Architecture + Design did the renovation of the house. It is a renovation of a Federation single fronted terrace within a heritage overlay. It included a series of first floor level spaces that is cantilevered deep into the site. At the rear, you can see a long, tall timber-clad tube wrapped around the existing boundary walls.

One amazing feature of the house is its artistic design of a tree in the form of a steel sheet external graphic applique and internal decal. The result of that tree design looks stunning! The interior of the house has a color palette that is deliberately restrained so that it will not compete with the artworks and furnishings owned by the family as well as with the exterior design. Now, let us take a look at the images of the Nicholson House located in Middle Park, a suburb of Melbourne in Australia below:

Nicholson House

The rear part shows a detailed metal screen on the first floor showing a tree decor. And we know you find the C design of the structure attractive too!

Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

The front of the house has this dramatic Zen feel in modern design. The use of bamboo plants and wood gives that kind of impression.

Treetop House

On the left side, you can see the metal screen on the first floor while on the right side is the wall decal inside the house mounted on the glass.


Who could resist a living room and an outdoor scene like this? The sculpture in the garden is beautiful despite its simplicity.

Nicholson House Out

The under lightings for the concrete benches made them float. The vines on the fences are also lovely features in the courtyard.

Living room

Comfortable and simple modular sofa in grey looked perfect in this narrow and long living space.

Nicholson Home

A closer look at tree wall decal where you can also find a lounger and an ottoman that goes with it.


The design of the kitchen mimics the look of the home’s exterior. Using white gloss finish with wood is alleviated the appearance of the area.

Kitchen design

We did not get the details of the pendant lights but we will sure agree that it added glamour to the space especially with its yellow colored interior.

Kitchen Wall

One side of the wall from the outside shows some vines which is clearly seen indoors creating a naturist aura.


White will never fail! You can also see here the cabinets that are not just well-designed but also help keep things tidy and well-kept.


Shown in this image is the use of wooden flooring. The other side looks like the previous home before the renovation.


The decor on the walls is lovely and so modern. Take a look at the skylights too which allows sunlight to get into the house.

Nicholson House

Closer look on the exterior of the house using wood and glass.

Floor Plan

With this floor plan, you will be able to understand the home’s design really well.

You might have seem homes with a similar look with this one because of its use of wood for the exterior and the geometric lines in it. But what sets this house apart from other homes is the tree design on the first floor. The Matt Gibson A+D was able to add a whimsical touch to this modern home with that tree metal screen. How about you, would you use some unique decor for your home to let it stand out?