Contemporary Home Renovation in Montreal, Canada

Every house renovation is done differently and would have a variety results too. But it would always depend on what the homeowners want for a home, their needs and even their budget too. It should also be designed in a way that it will be suited to its surroundings. Using materials that may give it a touch of nature is another good way to enhance a space both in the interior and the exterior.

Today’s featured house is the Montreal Renovation that has a lovely exterior and a cozy interior. It is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada whose design seems to adopt itself to its environment surrounded by trees and plants. The renovation resulted in a vibrant interior composed of a bright gamma of colors and abundant natural light. Let us take a look at how the house turned out to be after the renovation.

Anik Péloquin

The facade of the house is covered with bricks and wood. Different sizes of windows were distributed around it. You can also notice that it is elevated from the ground.

Canada home design

The rear of the house is beautiful revealing wide glass windows that allow the entry of natural light to the interior!

Montreal Renovation

You can see here that the house looks open because of the glass walls and windows everywhere which is not seen in the facade.

Montreal Renovation

Vibrant colors like what we see here were used all throughout the house giving it a lively aura. We like how the red box for the fireplace complemented with the green wall and orange low cabinet.

Contemporary Home Renovation

The kitchen is a lovely spot too with wood everywhere and a kitchen island that has an integrated oven and sink. kitchen granite countertop

The kitchen has lovely colors too with a green wall on one side.

wooden dining set

Same green tone is seen in the dining area that has wooden flooring and wooden table.

dining area

The hanging decor from the ceiling adds more life to the space. We also love the transparent chairs used in this area.

lawn area

In this shot of the dining area, you can see how it is surrounded by glass walls and clerestory windows.

exterior design

The backyard of the house was used wisely by adding a dining area for outdoor parties.

floor plan

Ground floor plan of the house reveals the living spaces.

second floor plan

While the second floor has private areas including a bathroom and bedrooms.

Montreal Renovation

Seen here is the elevation of the house for the front area showing its use of sleek lines.

Montreal Renovation

While this is the rear elevation of the house.

We are sure you agree with us that the design of this house is lovely from the outside to the inside. It may not look that sophisticated but it is the coziness of the interior that made all the difference. Anik Péloquin really did well for this design especially how the home’s interior color palette was chosen. It seems to unite a lively atmosphere with coziness which was successfully achieved in this house.