Breathtaking and Inviting Seaview Beach House in Australia

There is something about beach houses that we love. Aside from the fresh air from the beach, we also love the view as well as the aura that is brought by the freshness of the ocean. Even the mere sounds of the waves are music to our ears. No wonder why many people love to live near the beach just like this house we will feature today.

The Seaview Beach House is a contemporary beachfront home located in Curl Curl, a suburb of northern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. All spaces in the home are composed of elemental volumes featuring an overhanging roofline and projecting windows that offer sensational views projecting out to the sea. There are a range of passive and active sustainable features in the house as well as a rugged landscape comprised of coastal plantings. The home’s driveway is made up of recycled timber sleepers and small pebbles that are both attractive and durable. The garage door has been concealed with eye-catching hardwood cladding, an inviting waypoint to greet visitors to the home.

The balconies of the house have sliding hardwood screens while the garden walls are formed of dry sandstone that were recycled from old footings original to the site.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia On the other side, you can see its usage of glass for the windows as well as on the balcony.

Seaview Beach House There is an open plan kitchen and dining area that opens out to hardwood timber decking.

wood kitchen elements It also made use of wood for the cabinets and kitchen island.

dining area Seen here is the staircase in the house with a very unique design.

staircase wood White and wood combined look amazing in this distinct design of the staircase with a modern flare.

white walls The interior used wood and white colors together which made it look even more airy and breezy.

kitchen view Another look at the kitchen area of the house with blue industrial lighting.

living room The living area has a minimalist design. Note that the dining and kitchen is elevated from here.

red ceiling This is the view from the master bedroom. Western timber screens offers shading from the sun and privacy.

pool area Meanwhile, this is the pool area with wooden decking. You can see the beach from here.

exterior view Don’t you just love the design of this house with geometric lines on it?

Beach House No doubt, this house is something we would want because of its modern design while being close to the beach.

wooden Beach House The entryway to the home has flagstone and decking, with a tiered garden of native plantings and dry stone walls.

Seaview Beach House Indeed, the house has stunning angles from everywhere!

I know you will agree with me that this is a stunning residence! This is designed by Mackenzie Pronk Architects –, who added sustainable features into the house. Aside from being located near the beach, it has a design that will make one feel comfy and cozy which is also the aura resulting from the materials it used for the house both for the inside and outside.