Vital Modern House Design Tips and Features to Reflect On

House design is very vital for aside from giving shelter to the homeowners, it can also help give a comfortable living. Designing is a special process that needs to done by people who are keen to details and who have studied well about design and construction. It is important to come up with a good design in order to help others get what they expect and give them the kind of life they deserve. There are different types of design one can choose from in designing their house. But the most used type of design these days is modern design.

Modern designing is simple and distinct. In order to achieve a great design, you have to make sure that you will choose the right color, textures and use clean lines. Modern houses use a range of style. It could be Bungalow, French Eclectic, A-Frame, Craftsman, Art Deco, Neo-Classical, Neo-Victorian, Neo-Eclectic, Neo-Mediterranean, Neo-Colonial, Postmodern and Contemporary.

If you want to have a modern house design, we will give you some tips to help you ensure that your house will really have the kind of design you want. Here are some tips and features you need to consider in designing and planning a modern house.

1. The Design.

The Design

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Modern houses base their design on function. The design focuses on minimalism and technology. The use of modern technology is being incorporated in the functions of the different areas of the house. These types of houses include the use of stereotypical concrete, steel and glass looks. There are times that it has the touch of historical old houses and subtly use glass. You could also observe that modern houses usually have a smooth and streamlined look.

2. The Function.

The Function

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In designing modern houses, function is the most important thing to be considered. Before you jump right away in creating a great design that will not really work for you, be sure to think of what you really need first. Your house will only be successfully designed if everything can work well according to your lifestyle, profession and taste. Everything should be as functional as possible. This is the best way to make your house, your home.

3. The Colors.

The Colors


In modern house designing, the colors used are composed of neutral colors with bright bold accents. Pastel colors are not usually used in modern decorating. Yet, you can still choose whatever color you want, you just have to make sure that they complement each other and are well-balanced. The modern or contemporary color palette is composed mainly of neutrals and is accented with bright, bold color. You can choose any colors that you like, but you will need to be careful that they are complementary and well balanced. Modern color palettes include cherry red, black, white and silver; orange, cream and brown; mocha brown and ivory; cobalt blue, slate, white and charcoal; bright yellow, white and gray; lime green, cobalt blue and white; and many others.

4. The Lights.

The Lights


Modern design uses good lighting. Most of their structures have a light and almost translucent look. The use of pin lights, up lights, wall lamps, spotlights, lights with dimmers and others are common in modern design.

5. Textures and Patterns.

Textures and Patterns


If you want to use textures and patterns, choose those with clean lines. Ideal ones are solids, stripes, geometric patterns and abstracts. You can also use animal prints subtly on rugs and other decorative accessories. Do not use ruffles and laces for it doesn’t complement to a modern design.

6. The Windows.

The Windows

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There are different window designs which always complement with the exterior design of the house. Most modern houses use window glasses with aluminum framings but some creatively use wood, too. You can even add some mouldings around the window to have a more appealing exterior view. You need to decide if you want more light inside your house or not. This way, the sizes of the window could be determined. But most modern houses use wide windows to allow apt amount of natural light inside the house.

7. The Storage Spaces.

The Storage Spaces

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Most modern designs use unique storage areas. These will help you have a neat house for everything is well-kept. Have different storages for your hobbies, clothes, activities, important files, and others. You should even have good cabinets in your kitchen. You may use hanging cabinets to save space and let it the reach ceiling to avoid accumulation of dust on the top.

8. The Spaces.

The Spaces

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Modern houses have open spaces. Do away with crowded layouts. You can have high ceilings. Use only furniture that you need and make sure it is right for your space. Do not use large furniture if your area is small. Avoid using too small furniture if your place is so wide. Everything should match well with the space available.

9. The Furniture.

The Furniture


Simple furniture is used in modern design. The usual furniture used is vinyl cushioned, plastic, and brushed metal. You may also use lacquered woods that are designed with sleek lines. Consider colors in choosing your furniture. Make sure it fits your house color. Do not use antique furniture for modern design, it wouldn’t fit in.

10. The Decorative Accessories.

The Decorative Accessories


In choosing your decorative accessories, make sure it uses clean lines and it is suitable to the color of your home. If you will use paintings, it should also be of modern, eclectic, avant-garde or contemporary in design. Other accessories should make use of sleek and smooth lines to make it appropriate for the house. Take note also that modern design is minimal, do not use too much accessories.

11. The Dining Area.

The Dining Area


For the dining area, you have to decide what you want first. You might opt for a simple dining area or a classier one. You might want fine dining or merely a bar. Whatever you choose, you have to make sure that you will use the kind of furniture that fits the design, color and concept of the house. You may make your dining area colorful if you want.

12. The Bedroom.

The Bedroom

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Modern bathrooms are mostly vain. Personal taste and needs of the homeowner should be considered here. If the person wants a dark bedroom, you can use light colors or neutral colors inside but have dark curtains and dark fabrics. There should also be lights with dimmers, pin lights and a lampshade. Some modern bedrooms even have their own bathroom inside, or a whirpool bathtub, and spas. Even some have a swimming pool directly connected to the room. There are also bedrooms that have their own balcony or porch. Some sports equipment is also seen in some rooms. It really depends on the needs of the homeowner.

13. The Kitchen.

The  Kitchen

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Know the type of layout you want for your kitchen. It could be open or close layout. Open layouts are good for entertaining and conversing with people in the other areas of the house. Consider good lighting in your kitchen including natural light. You may use recessed lighting in your kitchen which is commonly used of modern design style. Use an island, splashbacks, benchtops and drawers to keep things. Make sure they are smooth and streamlined.

14. The Living Room.

The Living Room

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In a modern house, the living space should be open. The traffic should always be considered with the arrangement of furniture. You may use natural light and you can do this by having wide glass windows. This way, your open living room will be well-lighted especially in the morning. You need to consider the placement of the television. Before you start designing your living room, you have to think where you would like to position your television. It could be mounted on the wall or placed inside a concealed cabinet. Knowing the placement of the television can greatly aid in having a good design.

15. The Bathroom.

The Bathroom

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You may want to have a wide bathroom if you have enough space in your house. You can even have a couch inside if you want to. But some just opt to have a shower covered with glass. Modern bathrooms use glass and ceramic tiles. Choice of color depends on the taste of the homeowner but most bathrooms are white, grey, beige or cream. Light colors are usually used here but there are still bathrooms that use bright pastel colors.

For sure, you will be excited to see your dream modern house! Of course, if you will consider the aforementioned tips, you will be well-guided in creating the design. But to really make sure that you will be able to get the kind of house you want, you can hire an expert.