California Ranch House and Farm Tower: Low/Rise Wooden House

Do you have any idea about ranch-styling houses? Ranch-style house is also called American ranch or California ranch, which is defined as a familial architectural plan initiated in United States. A ranch house is illustrious with a long, close-to-ground outline, with a nominal use of interior and exterior embellishment. This kind of style was built first in the year 1920 during the post-war economic boom, wherein the house blended modernist ideas and styles with concept of the American period. To have a picture on what I am talking about, take a look into this featured house for today.

This house is known as Low/Rise House which is located in the estate lot of Silicon Valley in Menlo Park, California. It covers an area of 4500 square feet that features a three bedroom and three bathroom house. This house is a re-appropriation of a time-honored structure of a California ranch house and farm tower which is can be means for ecological presentation and social interaction. In addition, this house also features a natural source of ventilation through the installation of wide glasses of sliding doors and windows, and also it gets a natural source of day-light energy in the course of a solar generation. Through a fundamental association involving structure and material, this composition act sensitively in response to nature and neighborhood.

exterior Low/Rise California Ranch The exterior of the house flaunts out a true atmosphere of a ranch house.

Spiegel Aihara Workshop The entrance of this house has a very inviting ambiance with a beautifully planned landscape.

gCalifornia Ranch The living room is simply surrounded with wide frames of glass as sliding doors that give a very refreshing atmosphere.

fireplace And also the living room is equipped with modern furniture and to give a dramatic sense to the living room a fireplace was installed.

bookshelves The living room also display the collection of books organized in built-in bookshelves.

kitchen The kitchen is designed with a combination of dark granite and soft shades of woods that gives a rustic sense.

glass roof The roof has a transparent glass to allow enough light to go through the kitchen.

hall glass walls As you can see this house is strongly constructed with glasses of walls and sliding doors to allow a natural source of light to go in.

dining room You can see from the garden the dining area, where on that area you can enjoy a beautiful view of the garden.

master bedroom The master bedroom is separated from other part of this loft by thick walls, thus providing a very spacious space.

home office This home office is the first area that you will pass through before reaching the bedroom. It is also installed with sliding glass windows creating a very refreshing place to work.

solar energy The house is constructed with solar energy generation for a more natural source of energy.

roof deck This is the upper most part of the tower, created a small patio where the views from beyond can be enjoyed.

swimming pool The courtyard is equipped with a swimming pool with a tropical ambiance.

tropical garden This house is surrounded with gardens of green plants and trees giving a true heart of a farm house.

backyard The backyard is very spacious, landscaped with green grasses making the area look clean and fresh.

floor plan This is the floor plan of the low/rise house which composes a ranch house and a high farm tower.

And along with the ranch house, there is this 30-foot tower which is facing west that snuggled into the sprawling pine trees that provides a unique vantage point of the now suburban land. This house was built by Spiegel Aihara Workshop that demonstrates a house that can be inhabited functionally by a growing family ranging from a single person to a configuration of ten extended families. How did you like the design so far?