Appealing Shots of the Natural Elements in Modern Home in Ingarö, Sweden

Transparency is one of the best features of the house where the client can fully enjoy the sight of the exterior. Also some of the areas of the house will become spacious despite of its limited spaces. Today, we will see how the designer successfully applied the idea of transparency in the house design to make it more attractive and luxurious. This luminous home is named as the Modern Home in Ingarö. Its name is actually originated from its specific location in Sweden.

This has an area of 2,368 square feet and this was originally built in the year 2007. Spotted in island of Ingarö, Sweden, this contemporary residence is surprising silhouette in an unspoiled natural landscape. Well, this residential house is inspired by a Japanese design and it also features a very fastidious garden. This garden provides a good transition to the archipelago- specific vegetation surrounding the entire property. To see more of the different natural beauty of the house features you may check the set of images below.

Modern Home in Ingaro The color and texture of the house building complements with the texture of these rocks and tall trees here.

Ingaro Sweden The style and shape of the sofa and chairs in this living space speaks of comfort and sophistication.

living room See how these rocks in the middle of the living space create a strong connection between the interior and exterior.

fireplace area Here’s the fireplace in the area that enhances the mood of the interior.

interior design The sustainable light can also access the interior through the glassed walls and doors in this area.

elegant dining table The kitchen, dining and living space designated in this area can still underline it’s amazing functions.

staircase Here’s the white and smooth texture of the dining table which complements with the white and grey theme of the interior.

bedroom See the glassed frame of the staircase area from this second level of the house that also shows its modern concept.

silver bedroom From this white and beige bedroom, the client can comfortably enjoy the panoramic views outside.

bathroom The blue striped bed sheets is perfect for this white and silver bedroom.

shower and sink Spacious and relaxing space in this bathroom may also provide the stress-free zone in the house.

elegant room design Here’s the spacious dressing room where the client can arrange his clothes and other stuff properly.

grill patio area Who will not say that this swimming pool can amazingly speak of elegance and luxury even at night?

exterior design The shape and form of the house building perfectly jives with the design and form of this swimming pool.

Modern Home in Ingaro The lights can incredibly maintain the elegance and expensive features of the house from its garage and entrance area.

Photographs taken by Skeppsholmen are very effective in explaining the sense of the natural beauty of the location to the house design. The exterior of the house has actually a low maintenance and this ensures a good level of privacy. Intimate relationship between the exterior and the interior is highly observed in this house. I personally like the spectacular features as well as the minimalist color palette, concrete floors and the decorating schemes applied by – Gabriel Minguez. Currently this house is for sale for $1.1 million. We hope that you were also inspired through the set of ideas and design presented in this house that you may also apply in your own house.