Wide-Ranging Views in the Badger Mountain House in Washington, USA

I believe that many of us take a careful examination at the place or the location first before we start to make our draft plan or layout of our dream house. Personally, I consider the type of location and its surrounding when searching for the best house design. I am confident that for us to have a best house design we should also have the best place where we can build it. That is why today we will have a great opportunity to explore a house situated in a mountain side. I am talking about the private residence located in Richland, Washington, USA and this house is named as the Badger Mountain House.

Its house design originated and influenced from both natural landscape and clean lines of the traditional Japanese Architecture. According to the designer, the house project’s main goal is to respond to the growing family’s needs and demands to have an additional space. This space may allow them to capture the wide-ranging views of the Columbia River which is connected to the surrounding landscape. What is really so special in this house design? Let us check the images below to figure out why the client really loves to stay in this Badger Mountain House.

Badger Mountain House The house building design may be simple but this has a lot of incredible features to offer from its glassed windows to the concrete walls and floors.

Wide-Ranging Views Clean lines and geometrical forms amazingly presented in the glassed and concrete building of the house.

Washington houses The sun’s rays provide sustainable light to the interior during day time through its floor-to-ceiling glassed windows.

entry stairs In the entrance the designer put a small stairs that seems to invite its guest to explore more of the interior of the house.

living room White, brown and black palette may certainly present a contemporary concept in the living areas in the house.

clean interior design The LED Lights installed in the ceiling and the trendy round chandelier graced the luxurious look of the interior.

deck area Here is one of the most important zones in the house where the client can take the full advantage of the mountain views.

kitchen design Brown and white cabinets utilized in the kitchen prove its modern concept and style.

kitchen countertop Silver chairs and appliances underlines the contemporary elements used in the kitchen.

bathroom Let us see how this beige and brown bathroom displays the contrast between the rough and smooth texture from the concrete and brick walls.

coffee table Unique design of this chair complements with the lamp above this round table.

wooden plank wall The wooden walls and cemented floors prove its connection to the exterior.

bedroom fireplace Comfort and great style are guaranteed in this modern and classy bedroom.

pool side furnitures In the patio, the designer secures a mini bar for the client to also enjoy their stay in the exterior.

swimming pool Clear and cool water in this rectangular swimming pool increased the sophistication in the outdoor.

exterior design Spotted here is the most elegant and important area in the house.

pool area Here’s the diving board set in the side of this swimming pool that assures enjoyment to the homeowner and its guest.

Badger Mountain House The sustainable LED lights installed all over the exterior are very effective to minimize the electricity consumption in the house.

As you can see the house features offers a lot of surprises. In fact the First Lamp Architecture also considered the importance of sustainability in the house. These features include super insulated fiberglass windows and doors, radiant heated flooring and LED lighting. These have rigid board insulation in the exterior of the sheathing to provide a high R-value in the exterior walls and reduced thermal bridging. We can say that the house may be simple but behind this is a very surprising and astounding element that the client may be proud of. Certainly you may also apply these features in your dream house, right?