The Incomparable Features of Green Home Midori Uchi in Canada

Oftentimes we think of sustainability when we are starting to plan our future house. We even care for the electricity consumption and the house material to be used by the designers. Of course we won’t forget the durability of the furniture as well as the accessories that will add attraction to the interior as we can save more money, right? Today we will be showing you how the designer considers the importance of sustainability in building this residential house.

The designer named this house as Midori Uchi. As I observed its interior and exterior, I may say that this is truly not just an ordinary house. In fact this is an Award-Winning High Class Ultra Green Home in Canada. Sounds Amazing, right? Well, let’s check out the details of how this Midori Uchi achieved that kind of award by looking at the images below.

Midori Uchi We may certainly notice the green landscape in the exterior that captivates the heart of the owner.

Green Home design The combination of wooden and concrete materials in the building is very effective.

Canada green house Wow, isn’t it true that this beautiful landscape really make this house unique and exceptional?

living room fireplace We cannot deny that the smooth and rough texture of the materials used is well presented here.

fireplace tv design High technological devices and trendy furniture are perfectly organized in this sophisticated living room.

layered texture wall The green plant set in the wooden table is very helpful to connect the interior to the exterior.

dining area The designer placed distinct wooden walls in the living spaces that may also catch the attention of the homeowner.

kitchen design We can never deny the importance of this modern accessories and fixtures that made this kitchen charming.

kitchen lighting The glassed fame in the wooden steps of this stairs shows the combination of contemporary and a natural element.

staircase glass railings From here we can take a glace of the incredible sight of the interior which consists of kitchen and the living area.

wood step stairs The modern and natural design of the stairs are placed here to allow the client explore the different levels of the house.

bathroom Even in the bathroom the designer see to it that he will use the wooden materials to maintain the sustainability and the utilization of the natural materials.

outdoor lighting In this patio, the designer provided a sofa set where the client may enjoy and unwind during night time.

entry landscape design This only proves the importance of light in the exterior to achieve the smart look.

Midori Uchi Highlighted here are the exceptional lines and textures of the walls in the house building.

As we can see here, this house has a high class economy residence which means unit zero designs and net zero capabilities, state-of-the-art energy production and conservation abilities as well. This residential house has a grey water filtration system and this was built with the use of a locally sourced materials. This has a subtle and natural Japanese inspired influence. Also this is the only residential house that has a rammed earth wall in Urban Metro Vancouver. I see that this is not just an amazing house for the owner but it also brings innovation to the city as well.

With that even the City Mayor Darell Musatto is very impressed with the existence of this modern green home in their place. Since this is the first Ultra Green Home in the lower mainland to have a certification they believe that this may not be only green home in the place for there are lots to follow. The Naikoon Contracting & Kerschbaumer Design successfully designed and conceptualize this Midori Uchi.