Malgrats Seven: A Gorgeous Contemporary Villa in Spain

Once you see this contemporary villa, you will tell yourself that you couldn’t ask for more- if, this was yours. But since it isn’t, let us be satisfied with mere pictures of Malgrats Seven. The home is blessed with a spacious outdoors space where it perched its pool. It also has a green lawn with plants and bushes around it. The architecture of the house focuses on the use of geometric lines giving it a modern look.

This stunning contemporary villa designed by Tono Villa & Joan Miquel Segui Arquitectos is located in Santa Ponsa, on the island of Mallorca, in Spain. Aside from the lovely exterior, the house also boasts its interior with a minimal modern design. Another feature of the house that we love best is its terrace and you will see why once you take a look at it through the images below. Come and let us take a virtual tour of the Malgrats Seven.

Tono Villa & Joan Miquel Segui Arquitectos

The house sits in this area that is surrounded by plants which added to the beautiful ambiance of this villa.


This pool coined its modern look from the house. Even if it has a simple rectangular design, it sure has some sophistication in it.

Spain houses

The lower part of the house is covered with stones while the upper level combines curves and straight lines.

Malgrats Seven

Like what we said, the terrace is one part of the villa that is very inviting.

outdoor set

And we don’t have to explain further why we feel that way towards this area. Aside from the curved part that made it appear stylish, it also used glass railings.

terrace design

From the terrace, one can get a perfect glimpse of the waters.

outdoor furnitures

White outdoor furniture was used in the terrace which added to the appeal of the area.

wooden outdoor furnitures

Wooden outdoor furniture- this is the perfect choice for this space that also has an outdoor kitchen and a dining area.

grill area

A closer look at the outdoor grill that will complete a night’s party with barbecue and all!

dining area set

Indoors, there is also another dining area with black pendant lights. Just beside it is a living area which also has white furniture.

white dining set

The contrast of the pendant light and the furniture allowed the lights to get the highlight.

glass wall

From this spot, you can see how beautiful the yard is. That is an advantage with having a glass wall.


This spacious bedroom has its own bathroom which is located just at the back of this bed.


The bathroom has a glass enclosure for the shower area.

Malgrats Seven

The decor of this bathroom has kind of Asian motif.

You can see how the Tono Villa & Joan Miquel Segui Arquitectos designed the house. Its interior is truly cozy from the living room to the bathroom. We noticed that the decorations of the house are just minimal but still, the result is very stunning. An airy and relaxing interior resulted from that minimal interior decoration. What can you say about this contemporary villa? Would you consider its design for your future home?