Challenging and Rugged Natural Sites in the Lakecrest Residence in Canada

Trees in the surroundings as well as the bodies of the water such as lake or river contributed much on the elegant and luxurious home design. We can appreciate the presence and important of nature in making our house attractive. Today we will be showing you a house built near the lake that provides stunning views enjoyed by the clients and its guests. This house is named as the Lakecrest Residence.

Spotted in Whistler, Canada, this house ultimately exposed unobstructed views from every room in the interior of the house. This has four bedrooms and a top floor master suite. The bedrooms are actually located in a separate wing directly related to a private and quite exterior courtyard. This house has a 5000 square feet area in a rocky cliff-side in lakeside neighborhood. Let us scroll down the page and check the images below.

Lakecrest Residence Comfort and elegance are well-experienced in this two-storey house made of wood and bricks.

Rugged Natural Sites Huge stones and tall trees underline the exquisite shape and functions of the house building set here.

Apartment S Modern and expensive furniture harmonized with the lovely decors in the living space.

Canada From the living space, the client may enjoy the panoramic site in the surroundings.

garden patio Summer would not be complete without these green grass and stunning landscape in the garden and patio area.

kitchen area design Colorful lamps and accessories are well-arranged in the modern kitchen.

dining set Natural wooden table in the dining space complements with the large wall painting here.

stone wall Smooth texture of the cabinet in the kitchen represents the clean and neat areas in the interior.

large TV entertainment area Large TV and complete entertainment gadgets are installed in this room where the family can spend quality time during weekend.

dressing area Spacious dressing area is also considered in the interior that systematically arranged the client’s stuff.

gym area Physical health is also essential for the client requested to have a room to work-out.

bedroom See how the mattress blends well with the white bed in one of the elegant bedrooms in the second level of the house.

colorful bedroom Colorful accessories certainly provide comfort as well as the green garden outside.

guest bedroom Quiet and fascinating modern theme bedroom displays the soft and cotton bed here.

bathroom Stylish and charming lamps are installed in this hygienic bathroom in the house.

Lakecrest Residence Volumes and dimensions are carefully perceived in the second level of the house.

As we have seen the different above images, we may definitely see the astounding panoramic views of mountains, lake and forest. The a|k|a Architecture + Design effectively utilized the Brazilian cherry wide plank hardwood floors, maple millwork and native sandstone together in a pristine palette. The different areas in the interiors are designated to its spaces where the panoramic views can be accessible. Thus the house design offers the most interesting and exciting sight in the surrounding. We hope that you may also take the full advantage of the nature as a main element in planning of your future house.