The Captivating Remodeled Zoetermeer Residence in Netherlands

With an area of 523 square meters, this private residence in Zoetermeer, Netherlands is designed by Maxim Winkelaar Architects. This is called as Zoetermeer Residence which was derived from its location and was completed last year. Actually this is a remodeled house since the client found some deficiencies on its features. Originally this house was first built in the year 1999, and before it undergone on a complete alteration, this composed of vertical rectangular volumes with three floors. Connected to the volume was slanted covering of combined glass and copper cladding.

This leads to an intolerable leakage and climate right from the original completion. Moreover, the technical characteristics of the main volume were excellent to facilitate some adjustments that could be maintained and implemented a more amazing new design. With that the designer created interlocking lines and volumes with the use of inward and outward projecting masses and shapes. The individual characteristics of the four facades were then successfully achieved. Now let us take a look at the different areas of this captivating Zoetternmeer Residence through the selected images below.

Zoetermeer Front

The inconceivable volume and texture of this house may surely fascinate anyone who sees it.

Zoetermeer Exterior 1

The brown and white palette used in the building complements with the landscape in the exterior.

Captivating renovation

Enough space for the client’s vehicle is provided in the exterior of the house.

Zoetermeer Residence

The smooth and clean texture of the building is well offered in the terrace and entrance.

Netherlands residences

The well-trimmed plants in the exterior excellently provide a more attractive spot in the house.

living room set

The white palette together with the light yellow accessories in this living space guaranteed beauty.

living room appliance

The unique accessories and appliances are well set in this living area where the client can unwind.

sliding door terrace

The beautiful view can be seen from the interior through its glassed walls and doors.

modern fireplace

The clean accessories and white paint here may be simple but still can indicate sophistication, too.

Zoetermeer Stairs

This unique stairs is one of the most remarkable features in the house that made this house lovelier.


The mosaic tiles here have a great impact in enhancing the walls of this simple light brown bathroom.

bathroom lighting

The use of LED lights installed near the water basin effectively exhibit a classy look.

circle mosaic tiles bathroom

The unique and latest fixtures used in this bathroom competently offer an amazing design.

bathroom sink

Highlighted here is the latest contemporary design of the faucet which complements with the white and clean basin.

shower area

While in the shower area, the designer see to it that the dark brown color create balance in the lighter shade in the bathroom.

terrace design

The remarkable volumes and lines are revealed in this building.

Zoetermeer Exterior 6

This may look so simple but the shape and color used in this building is very appealing.

The first floor consists of the pantry, study room and a playroom for the children. While on the second floor, there are two additional bedrooms and a bathroom. With the additional features in the house, the area increased into 75 square meters. The client also considered sustainability so the designer installed solar panels which are not visible from the strict level because there is a high parapet in the flat roof. Accordingly, added features in the original house were employed successfully. This evidently add elegance and unique features. The Maxim Winkelaar Architect definitely remodeled this residence effectively. Once again we hope that you will find this article as inspiration when you decide to make over your house.