Komai Residence: A Creative Triangular House in Virginia

Have you seen a triangular house? Well, that sure is rare. Home Design Lover has featured so many houses especially that we always have one everyday but as far as we can remember, there isn’t a triangular house yet. So, we felt curious as well as excited when we discovered this lovely triangular home in the web.

In the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia lies a small triangular house owned by two creative graphic designers who thought of having a modern house in the small area. The house has an open living, dining and kitchen space, a first floor master bedroom suite, a workspace and a guest bedroom suite. Before we look into the images of the house, you will surely be amazed to know that the lot occupied by this house was once a dog walking park. Now, a lovely home towers from the ground. Let us check at the images of the Komai Residence below.

Robert M. Gurney Architect Looking at the house on this side will not give you the idea that it is actually triangular in shape.

Alexandria, Virginia But if you move on the side, you will see its edges forming the triangle.

Komai Residence The designers have mentioned that “the house is constructed to the zoning setbacks on facing streets which aligns with adjacent houses along the lengths of both blocks.”

living room space The interior will reveal to us that it is organized around a double height space containing the dining and living areas.

living room lighting Its interior is modern in design. The word ART in the coffee table of the living room relays the message that the owners of this house are into art and design. You can also see the large skylights which animate the space.

kitchen design The kitchen is small yet provides everything the owners need.

unique kitchen lights As a matter of fact, it uses modern fixtures and appliances too for easier food preparation.

wooden staircase Wooden staircase leads to the upper level of the house.

indoor bridge A bridge connects the second floor office with the guest bedroom suite and helps define the dining area.

white kitchen island Aside from that large letter K, you can see the kitchen from above. Certainly, the space is flooded with light.

bookshelf The bedroom is simple but beautiful in modern design too. Using a big cabinet is a good idea to keep things organized.

bathroom In the bedroom is this powder area which is directed to a small bathroom.

garden One side of the home’s exterior looks like this. You can clearly see that it is indeed a triangle.

floor plan Shown here are the elevation of the house depicting is exterior.

Komai Residence While this shows the site plan and floor plans of the house.

Robert M. Gurney Architect further defines that “the house is two stories tall and built to the maximum height limit, it is consistent with the average height of the thirteen houses within the triangular block.” Also, the despite the unique architectural design of the house, it integrates comfortably with the neighboring homes because of its scale and height. Very creative, right?