Lake Cottage in Ontario, Canada Offers a Tree House Ambiance

It is every child’s dream to have her own tree house. Well, it sure is fun to be able to stay inside a tree house where you could feel like you have your own fortress or just a private place to play or even read a book. A tree house would definitely be fantastic. But what if you can’t have one that is actually above a tree? Why not have a home that has a design that will give you a tree house feel? This is what we will see in the house we will feature today.

The Lake Cottage gives a sense of living in a tree house. It is located in Kawartha Lakes in Canada with a design that blurs the limits between its indoors and outdoors. It has numerous openings and there are mirrors found on the terrace which reflects the trees. The living area has a seven meter high gabled roof. There are also fourteen other openings of the house. Both the interior and exterior will give us that feeling of living in a tree house. Come take a look!

Ash gray wooden planks cover the exterior of the house which gives it more of a natural feel.

Ontario Canada The windows have a tree shape frame. Take a look at the branches and the trunk of the trees.

Lake Cottage The house are surrounded by trees too which adds to the ambiance of the house.

fireplace The living room looks even more spacious because of the height of the ceiling.

small staircase A solid-wood staircase leads up to an unconventionally diagonal loft and you can see that there is a mirror under the stairs too.

minimal room design I love the idea of using a trunk as the spine of this stairs!

minimal fireplace The fireplace also has a house design which is a cute idea too. The other side is used to store firewood.

wooden stairs A closer look at the stairs. Now you will know how this was made.

small windows These are windows from outside where we can see the home’s interiors.

modern furniture design It has furniture that is has minimal modern design. Its color fits the theme of the house.

Tree shaped window frames holds a floor to ceiling glass that gives transparency to the house.

diagonal room On the loft, you will see that its one side is covered with light blue tiles that resemble large fish scales.

illusory window The window on the loft creates an illusion that is deep instead of flat.

exterior mirror The exterior also has mirrors around it. And it has a flooring that mimics the look of tree stomps.

Lake Cottage Local materials and traditional techniques were used in building the house like the charred cedar planks that cover the exterior walls.

You might feel nostalgic while seeing the house if you had a tree house while you were still little. But this one will not make you feel childish but I could say that it will make you appreciate nature even more while you are inside the Lake Cottage. This is designed by architects Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit of UUfie which is based in Toronto, Canada. Do you like the design of this house? What are the features of the Lake Cottage that you like best? Feel free to share that to us in the comment section below.