Stylish and Sophisticated Concept Graced in A House on Hoopers Island in Maryland

We have a lot of questions in mind on what would our vacation home would look like. Some may prefer a vacation home near the seashore or river. Some may seek to find a perfect location for their vacation home in the mountain side. Well today we will explore a vacation home settled in an island. This is called A House on Hoopers Island.

This is specifically located on the Hoopers Island, Maryland. Obviously the name itself is originated from its location. This vacation home is actually inspired by the local vernacular barns and fishing snacks which had survived the said hurricane. This house is composed of several cabins that can be locked down or conditioned and inhabited as needed. Let us check more of the different areas of the vacation house through the images below.

House on Hoopers Island Take a look at the geometrical shape of the buildings of this vacation house that is highlighted with this island.

Maryland See how the lines and textures of the house buildings jive with the texture of the environment.

Sophisticated Concept Transparency and sustainability is also considered in the concept and design of this edifice.

outdoor view Take a look at the porch just right outside the bedroom of this house.

gray metal wall Grey metal walls of the cabin made this area stand out in the exterior.

exterior design From here, the client may enjoy the sunlight every morning that ensures the fresh experience.

glass wall Here are the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and walls which allows the client to witness the view of the surroundings.

swimming pool See the wooden deck which are extended from the main lodge towards the river and this serves as an easy access to this above-ground swimming pool.

working desk A relaxing view and interior is also offered in the interior as the sustainable light enters here.

open glass wall Simple white dining table in the interior jives with the lines of the walls and floors.

night view At night, the idea of witnessing the sunset is always available from this comfortable modern interior.

cabin bathroom A separate cabin is intently designed for its modern and customized bathroom.

bathroom door design Clean and neat themed bathroom is also secured in this vacation house that complements with the beauty of the nature.

bathroom lighting At night the lights installed here successfully emphasized its elegance and luxurious design.

outdoor lawn Serenity and tranquility is also exposed from the exterior of this vacation house.

night lighting LED lights installed in the interiors of this three cabin highlighted the charm and classiness of the vacation house.

House on Hoopers Island Who will say that stylishness and modishness is not graced in the exterior of this house?

As we have seen the different fashionable areas of this vacation house in an island, certainly we may be astonished with the idea of building a vacation home in an island. All the opportunities of enjoying the house location as well as the strong connection of the house to its environment are possibly achieved in its design and concept. Personally, I am so attracted with the wood deck which extends from the main lodge towards the river. This creates access to the above-ground swimming pool and a platform for sun bathing. We know that you have your favorite spot designed by the David Jameson Architectas well in this vacation house, right?