Gorgeously Dashing Angophora House in Sydney, Australia

We have showcased so many house designs already but we will never get tired of looking at them especially that each one has a unique style. It is even impressive that every designer could add twists to every architecture that they are working on to make sure that it will be suitable to the area and to the homeowner’s needs. Today, we will feature another well-designed house that was sort of challenging to design due to its typography.

Richard Cole Architecture have designed the Angophora House in Sydney, Australia. This is built with the elements of cave, platform and canopy. This house is named such because of the Angophora trees that surround it. You can notice that the design of this house is totally unique. It looks contemporary, modern and even has some tropical touches with the use of lights, wood and its oneness to nature. Let us take a look at the Angophora House below.

Angophora home design

The exterior of the house looks amazingly striking especially with the trees that around it. You can notice here the slope of the shed roof that is parallel to the slope of the land.

Gorgeously Dashing home

Check out the details of the roof area. The curvaceous design is very impressive.

Sydney home design

This is the garage on the rear part of the house. It seems like a futuristic design with curves on the edges.


The facade introduces us to a house with combined materials from concrete, metal, glass and wood. Its use of sleek lines gives it a strong contemporary look.

Patio area

The glass on the roof gives this space an open look. It results to a relaxing home ambience.

Angopohora Living

This is the living room with minimal furniture. The center table is transparent making it appear like a floating item on the wooden flooring. Drive your eyes to the curves of the roof. Stunning right?

Dining area

A simple dining set in black fits this space. The fireplace acts as a divider for the living and dining areas.

Bar countertop

You can see here the bar which reminds us of the garage’s design in white and curves.

Angopora Kitchen

Now this is the front part of the bar with wooden bar stools. You can now see the kitchen that is no doubt well organized.

Office rom

How about a home office like this one? Check out that large rock on the other side of the wall. What an accent wall that is!


With a bedroom like this, one would surely doze off to sleep. It is also made of wood from the floor to the ceiling.


A bathroom with some rock-like or wooden-like accent wall. The white simple tub sits humbly inside it.

Bathroom mosaic wall

Floor tiles in different sizes were a good choice for the bathroom. It looks good to be paired with the ceiling and walling with mosaic tiles.


A silent hallway that leads to the work area is also well-designed with wood on the side.

Angophora home design

Not just the wooden stairs is seen here but also a wine cellar. The homeowner sure had the love for wines!

Lovely right? The roof is one feature that we certainly love. It has two platforms that are launched into the space of the valley. You can see that the house seems like an open house but the walls of insulated timber are moveable to transform the space into a warm and enclosed home. The design of the garage is another amazing feature of the house which adds drama to the entire look. We applaud Richard Cole Architecture for creating a marvelous design like this one! This is truly an inspiration to architects and designers around the globe especially with its fusion of styles.