Modest Cost and Contemporary Design of the Forest House in Vancouver, Canada

When we start planning on the design and style of our house, we also consider the cost of materials and the overall budget as well. That means if you would like to have an elegant and fashionable house design, the cost of materials, furniture and other accessories are very important. Indeed today we will be showing you a house design built with $280 per square feet. This house is named as the Forest House with over 20 feet high concrete walls.

Well, these high concrete walls outlined the dramatic entrance area that shows the floating open riser staircase. According to the designer this home is made to maximize the accessibility of natural light to let the client experience the forest that surrounded it. The exterior garden of this house is very helpful in providing the client the opportunity to enjoy the green panoramic views from its glazed windows and walls. Scroll down the page and see the different areas of the house through the images below.

Forest House Take a glance at the enchanting interiors and exteriors of this house in the middle of the forest that shows modern look.

Modest Cost The rough texture of the wall near the fireplace blends with the design and style of the sofa set in the living space.

Contemporary Design Even the texture and design of the art painting creates a very captivating space in the interior.

Vancouver homes Canada The most important parts of the indoor can also access the rich and enthralling green plants and trees outside.

beautiful wall painting Different dimension and movement are uncovered from these abstract paintings that simply match with the shapes of the pillows and accessories here.

kitchen counter Number of chairs is well-arranged in the kitchen sink that may also serve as a dining table for the family.

patio The designer ensures the idea of free accessibility to the garden that can be seen on the layout of this house.

lawn Highly expensive furniture is also set in the patio area for the client to enjoy the natural ventilation here.

bedroom The color of this white and large harmonized with the paint used in the walls and ceilings.

staircase Glassed frame in the staircase is used to maintain the transparency concept in the interior.

indoor garden Wooden and glassed elements are utilized and maximized in the second level of the house to keep the elegance and the experience of the forest.

buddha Here is one of the highlights of the house that they also called as the sky garden where the client can see the beauty of the sky here.

patio furniture set In the patio, the clients can also prepare grilled foods where the barbecue system is set.

bathroom Clean and neat furniture and fixtures are utilized in this bathroom to keep its charm and hygienic space.

Forest House The amazing and extraordinary shapes and lines of the house building can be perceived from the front area of the house even at night.

With the set of photographs provided by Benjamin Benschneider which is courtesy of the designer, the architecture as well as its interior is exposed here. We can say that the Garret Cord Werner deserves to be recognized for its amazing talent and skills in making this house incredible with its modest budget. What I really like in this house design aside from the exterior garden is the sky garden located in the second level of the house which is enclosed with glass and open to the sky. We hope that we have once again inspired you of the features and characteristics of this house.