A Curved Concrete Contemporary Pool House in India

A stunning creative design of a concrete pool house with amazing features.

Aside from the main house, some homeowners would sometimes add another structure into the home which could be a pool house, a guest house and others. This adds more value and beauty to the home. Others add garden structures like a gazebo or a pergola. This will not just add appeal to the home but will also bring extra seating and a nice place to entertain guests and visitors. That is why many homeowners prefer to add a structure aside from their main house. Today, what you will see is a design of a pool house.

This pool house that we will feature today was built with a curved concrete shell. It is designed by 42mm Architecture who were asked by the homeowners to create an extension of their home in New Delhi, India. The pool house is not just an ordinary space but it would include a home theatre, lounge, pool area, changing room and gym. This way, guests will be able to spend time in their pool house and will also get the entertainment and fun they are looking for. With that, the architects decided to create different buildings that would house their clients various requests. And the result is a lovely contemporary pool house that we can see below.

Location: New Delhi, India

Designer: 42mm Architecture

Style: Contemporary

Type of Space: Pool House

Unique feature: A contemporary pool house that is comprised of a home theatre, lounge, pool area, changing room and gym. It features a curved concrete shell.

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At first glance, you will be intrigued with the curved shell of the structure. But it looks really nice and its architecture is impressive. I also like that it used different materials for the design as well. You can see that it is surrounded by plants and even has some vines on its exterior that add drama to its appeal.

42mm Architecture

Seen here is the deck of the pool and the main house. Just beside the pool area is the pool house with a distinct design. It also looks very inviting as well.

contemporary pool house

The design of the pool house is unique and it has floor to ceiling glass windows that allow a complete view of the pool, the main house and the outdoor area. It sure is nice to spend some time here!

Pool House

There are two building wherein one is for the gym and changing area, while another has a lounge and home theater. With the looks of it, it sure is a nice place to chill and have a good time with family and friends.

Pool House living

The lower buildings were designed with a curved concrete shell. The design is almost futuristic in appearance. It used wood and concrete for the structure.

Pool House dining

The concrete continues inside, with the floor being a polished concrete finish.

Pool House central divider

A curved wooden feature wall defines the lounge area.

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Pool House kitchen island

Since the wall is curved, it also has a curved canopy like ceiling in the living area which holds two pendant lights that are suspended from it. You can also see that it used sleek furniture in it too.

Pool House glass

A small bar area is also included in the lounge.

Pool House kitchen

Joining the two sides of the building is a wooden wall, with a large entrance way.

Pool House landing

On the other side of the building is the home theater, with a large sofa.

Pool House bedroom

All sides of the building provide views of the surrounding outdoor spaces.

Pool House ensuite bathroom

Another feature wall is present in the theater room, with this wooden element becoming a floating media center.

Pool House bath tub

A separate building is home to a gym that overlooks the pool, and also a change room beneath the gym.

I know we all want a pool in the house but once we have one, it would be lovely to get our own pool house too. With that, we will be able to spend more time enjoying the waters with family and friends. That is, if you have an extra space for a pool house. I have seen some homes with a pool house and it indeed adds value to the look and the “worth” of the house. This pool house is designed by 42mm Architecture who obviously did an amazing job by giving it a modern contemporary design. Another impressive thing for me is that the interior has everything one needs to unwind, relax and de-stress. How about you, what can you say about this pool house?