Impressive Design of the Concrete House in Melbourne

This Melbourne house features a unique way to use concrete for the facade and the same material to weave the entire home.

There is a wide variety of materials that one can use for a home but of course, concrete is widely used because of its durability. While most homes use concrete, it is the finishes that vary. Others would prefer adding some wooden sidings on it. Still others who prefer a more distinct interior make use of corrugated steel or even zinc. But there are also homes that retain the look of concrete giving it some industrial appeal. We have seen interiors like this but it is also used even in the exterior of a home too. What we are going to feature today is a home that is named the Concrete House because of its usage of the said material.

This contemporary concrete house is composed of 2 longitudinal zones that are located to north & south of an east west spine. The living spaces face to the north while the sleeping/utility spaces are facing to the south. The design of the house made use of sleek likes with an impressive mix of geometry. The Concrete House utilizes vertical connections and void spaces which we can see in its architecture. Its look provides strong visual connections between levels as well as a strong and distinct visual appeal. The design is formally simple, lofty and airy. In the interior, the main spaces are reminiscent of mid century modernist material and compositional qualities (particularly Brazilian modernism). Both vertical and horizontal material connections are also mirrored in the interiors which also showcase a purity of volume and geometric form. A house like this is something that will drive us to modern times indeed!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Designer: Matt Gibson Architecture

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-story with basement

Unique feature: The rectangular facade made of a slim concrete with smooth glass and steel accents made this house look visually distinct.

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Concrete House in Melbourne The facade of the home is very modern in look because of the sleek lines on it and the different volumes that we can see on it. What added beauty to the curb of this home are the plants and trees around it as well as the mix of the materials seen on it.

Concrete House In this shot, we can see that the house being lighted during the night. Aside from that dramatic lighting inside the house and its beautiful effect with the glass and steel, take note how the grass are also being lighted here.

Melbourne, Australia A closer look at the facade of the house where you can see that slim rectangular facade made from concrete and how it looks amazing with the contrast of stone, wood and other materials. You can also see here the use of stone pavement for the outdoor area, leaving some squares free of stones to give way for the plants.

Matt Gibson Architecture On the other side of the house is this beautiful view. Apart from the extended beauty of the exterior which has a balcony above it secured by glass railings, you can also see how beautiful the landscaping is done in here. I love that black bowl planter on the steps.

Concrete house facade Stones are lined on the walls of the home as well as the elevated steps too. You can see here the seamless connection between the exterior and interior. It even used concrete for the flooring of both spaces too.

Concrete pool What a relaxing space this is! We might not be able to take a glimpse of the entire pool but merely looking at this photo will give us a hint that this is indeed a stunning space to relax and unwind. Seen here is a day bed with white flowing curtains, adding to the relaxing aura of the area. I also love the design of the fence and how plants are added for more privacy.

interior design We have seen this part of the house in a photo above but this one is the look of the interior. Highlighted here are lovely and unique pendant lights as well as a modern concrete fireplace that stands tall from floor to ceiling. The double ceiling height of the space allows more light into the interior and made it look even more spacious.

Concrete house lighting Beautiful and distinct furniture pieces comprise the living area from these lovely textured ottoman to that relaxing and modern lounge with a yellow ultra-modern side table. A yellow geometric printed area rug also added more appeal in the space.

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living room From the living area, the dining area and kitchen can easily be accessed because of the open floor plan of the house. A shelf made of wood contains various books that are collected by the owner. You can see here a contrast of colors and materials everywhere. Another decorative pendant light is used for the dining area.

kitchen concrete The kitchen has a concrete island that extends the theme of the house. It also has a wide glass windows allowing a great view of the outdoor area while working and preparing food in the kitchen. Black and gray as well as stainless steel is the concept of this modern kitchen.

Concrete colors On the countertop and sides of the island, you can see that it has a different finish which is smoky black. It does look good with the black kitchen cabinets, appliances and the shiny flooring. There are also white cabinets that we can see on the other side of the kitchen adding a lighter touch to the area.

wood house A closer look at the wooden modular system of the family room where the texture of wood was retained. It matches well with the flooring as well as the gorgeous furniture used here. We can see layering of area rugs wherein a cowhide is placed on top of the rectangular rug.

hallway This hallway connects the entire house from the front to the back. One can literally walk on this corridor from the front yard to the pool area. You can even take a glimpse of the other end while standing outside. The hallway is graced with large wall paintings giving you the feeling of walking on a long narrow gallery hall.

The owner of the house is also a builder and specialist in masonry which is why he is keen to utilize concrete and stone palette externally. Aside from these materials, you can see generous utilization of naturally finished timber all throughout the house which became the determining elements of both the home’s architecture and interior. Doing that provide a series of haptic textures that creates a powerful contrast against smooth and polished glass and steel. The house is designed by Matt Gibson Architecture who was able to give justice to the use of concrete as well as other mix of materials. Even just in the architecture, we can see how well-designed this Melbourne home really is. Can you tell me what you love about this home? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.