Priceless Touch of Modern Aesthetics in Center Court Villa in New Delhi, India

Do you believe that size really matters when you are searching for the best and comfortable house? Does it really matter to have spacious area where you can manage to unwind and spend time with your family during summer and weekends? Well, if you have a huge budget to invest in a spacious area for your dream house, certainly you can really accommodate the best features of an ideal home that you long for. That is why today we will give you an idea of the advantage of having a vast land for your house location.

We are talking about the private residence named Center Court Villa nestled in New Delhi, India. This private villa is built on a 2.5 acre plot of land that allows the accommodation of 6 bedrooms property with indoor or outdoor living area and a huge enjoyment space. The client actually desires to have a home that has modern aesthetics touches. This is made with two sets of parallel masses with one more volume perched over, perpendicular to the former generating two courtyard spaces. Let us see more of the fabulous details of this private home through the images below.

Center Court Villa Clean and fresh looking exteriors may still be experienced in the pool area and garden of this private residence.

New Delhi India Here’s the fresh and cool water in the blue-tiled swimming pool improves the shapes and look of the exterior.

Modern Aesthetics Well-trimmed grass and green plants are maintained in the garden to achieve its modern and private concept.

living room Unique and fashionable style of the furniture set in the interior underline its modernism.

staircase Durable with glazed frame staircase is one of the highlights in the house.

outdoor water features This floor-to-ceiling glazed wall is very effective for the client to take the full advantage of the outdoor features.

elegant lighting design Outnumbered lights installed in the interiors and exteriors strongly underline its elegance and luxury.

glass wall Spacious areas in the interior define the real sense of privacy and neatness.

sculpture design Sculptures that speak of art and luxurious effort of the client are stressed in this interior.

bathroom Hygienic and classy look are achieved in this huge and spacious bathroom.

bathtub Modern fixtures and large tiles are well-emphasized in the bath tub area of this bathroom.

spacious garden design Natural light and proper ventilation are available in this garden especially in the morning.

spacious outdoor front area Shapes and forms are really important in making this house area more functional and modern.

rooftop lawn Here’s the rooftop that was customized into a more astounding and stress-free zone in the exterior.

swimming pool At late afternoon, the beauty and artistic look of the pool area is highlighted here.

villa lights Vibrant lights in this villa clearly illustrate the modern aesthetics utilized and applied by the designer.

Center Court Villa Pool lights add elegance and enhance the great ambiance in the exterior.

With the help of the photographs taken by Lightzone through Ranjan Sharma, we have successfully witnessed the captivating modern ideas and features of this house. The DADA Partners indeed effectively applied the modern aesthetics that made this house more fashionable and stylish. What captures my eyes the most is the elegant and luxurious swimming pool in the exterior as well as the green vast landscape. For me, I can certainly feel the private space away from the stressful work in a week. We hope that you may get another set of ideas from the featured house for today.