Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Ridgewood Residence in Texas, USA

Another incredible house design that can be considered as the masterpiece by the Cornerstone Architects the Ridgewood House situated in Austria, Texas, US. This has a unique design for its Y-shape house concept as it focuses primarily toward the side rather than the rear of the property. The main goal of the house required the architect to utilize the sustainable design elements while highlighting the casual entertainment activities in the indoor or outdoor that shows the lifestyle of the owner.

The swimming pool built in the house is located against the house. It gives out a dramatic effect and flow to the exterior rooms of the rear course. The trees seen in the surroundings with the masonry walls of the house only prove that there is a strong connection between the house and nature. Well to see that it is true, let us check the images of the different highlighted spaces in the Ridgewood Residencebelow.

Ridgewood Residence

Let’s take a look at the refreshing view in the entrance with the trees that harmonize with the color and shapes of the house building.

 stonewall exterior

The designer made use of the geometrical shapes that will create a different dimension and look in the house.

 rough wood flooring

You may see here that the designer also show a rough texture in the floor which contrasted the smoothness of the wall.

 hanging lamp design

Lines and shapes are represented in the walls and floor while trying to combine the light, brown and dark color in this interior.


Even in the living room the designer installed a fireplace where the homeowner can enjoy the warm temperature especially in the cold night.

 wall painting

Amazing and one of a kind lights complements with the wall art and vases in this corner of the house.


As you can see this simple and elegant dining table may also display a great idea of what is a contemporary area is.

 kitchen design

Comfort and charm is well presented through the excellent furniture and fixture utilized in this charming kitchen-dining in one.


The homeowner also secured a convenient home office where he can still take the full view of the romantic swimming pool in the exterior.


The LED lights with the trendy furniture and paintings made this modern bedroom possible.


White and grey palettes made this small bathroom become more spacious to provide the shower, bath tub and powder area.

 bathroom Texture

Looking closer to the fixture and tiles used by the designer we can say that he carefully think of how he can put harmony and charm on this bathroom.

 outdoor couch set

The beautiful and romantic space may be experienced in this swimming pool area where the client can unwind and enjoy the fresh air here.

Ridgewood Residence

Seen here are the buildings, landscape and pool area.

Sketch Plan

Here is the sketch plan of the house.

Sustainability was stressed here by the client with the architect. They made use of the deep roof overhangs which buffers the sun. They also include the rainwater harvesting concept and it creates an environmental friendly home within its cost conscious budget. Well, we can say that with all the eco-friendly materials and high quality furniture used in the interior and exterior of this Ridgewood Residence, the Cornerstone Architects was once again proved its amazing skills and talents in architecture and interior design.