Casa Lara in Brazil Features Hidden Spaces and a Rooftop Party Area

A modern home with a hidden rooftop party space and a concealed kitchen in the interior.

I have that interest in homes which have some impressive hidden spaces. There are hidden storage areas and rooms which we will never expect to see because these are well concealed. But there is also a way of hiding that actually gives a hint to those seeing it that there is something behind it. Whatever way, it is still amazing how certain spaces in the house can be hidden from view and masquerading it into something else. We have featured homes like this already and today, we have another home that has a hidden space that actually looks like a wall at first sight.

A home called Casa Lara located in São Paulo, Brazil was designed by Architect Felipe Hess featuring an amazing city view from the rooftop party space. The house has many features that will surprise you. From outside, you will see a black wall that houses the gardens. Once inside, there is a kitchen behind a wall which can be opened and closed whenever needed. In the rooftop, there is a party space that unveils a kitchen and dining area where you can enjoy barbecues and nightly parties. The house also has a beautiful mix of materials from the architecture to the interior. Are you curious to see it now? Scroll down and take a brief virtual tour of Casa Lara in Brazil.

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Designer: Felipe Hess

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Three-story

Unique feature: Modern homes always surprise us with new features like this home in Brazil that has a rooftop party space, a black wall that hides a garden and a concealed kitchen in the interior.

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If you look into these four images of the house, you can feel how serene, calm and cozy it looks. This kind of atmosphere was created with the choice of materials for the home as well as its layout. You can also see that there is a connection between the exterior, outdoor space and the interior.

Felipe Hess

A black wall is seen from outside which acts as the fence of the home for privacy and security. Hidden behind the wall are two gardens of the house wherein one is in the front, and one is at the back.

modern home

Notice here that above the wall there are some horizontal thin wires that adds privacy to the space. Aside from that, notice the number of the house inserted on a void in the wall where some home security equipments are added.

Casa Lara

The house has 3 levels that include the ground floor with the gardens, the first floor with three bedrooms, and the rooftop which has a party space. Don’t you just love the combination of wood, glass and concrete here?

Casa Lara design

When one enters the home, guests will be greeted by a flourishing tropical garden with a pathway that leads to the house. It has a beautiful modern landscaping that is almost whimsical in design. You can also see a combined living/dining room upon entry.

Casa Lara exterior

Aside from the wooden louvers or screens that we see on the upper area, there are also stoned walls that added appeal to the landscape of the home.

Casa Lara wood living room

The living room has a beautiful interior design where high-quality furniture in gorgeous designs is seen. From the living room, one can see the back garden has a swimming pool. Such a refreshing view!

Casa Lara kitchen

One feature that is admirable in the house is the kitchen behind a stone wall. Aside from the kitchen, there is also a laundry in the area. When you look at it, you can already tell that there is something behind it because of the wooden doors and the handle on it. But you will not guess that it is actually the kitchen and laundry.

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Casa Lara wall

In the interior, there are also stone walls that add as a backdrop to the living area. I like it that a green sofa was used here which is being highlighted apart from the brown and white chairs.

Casa Lara storage

The dining area is just beside the living room. You can see that there is a wooden wall unit that is custom built to provide a wall of display nooks. It also serves as storage for various items too.

Casa Lara kitchen stairs

Floating treads are used for the staircase of the house. It has a wall of artwork that leads to the stairs which will take you to the rooftop.

Casa Lara bedroom

The bedroom looks like a simple hotel room. It features a built-in cabinetry that allow for plenty of storage. The white drapes block the entry of too much sunlight into the space. There is also a good combination of whites and wood.

Casa Lara bathroom

In the bathroom, you can see the same wooden floor used from the bedroom and it looks nice with the marbled tiles in the shower area and countertop.

Casa Lara rooftop

At the rooftop, one can see an area that is covered with curtains. It is actually an entertaining area which you wouldn’t expect to see.

Casa Lara rooftop hidden space

Once the curtains are drawn, what you will see is a large dining table with benches and a kitchen. You can see that the kitchen wall has subway tiles that add a subtle classic touch into it.

Casa Lara entertainment area

Aside from the entertainment area, one will also be blessed with a view of São Paulo. This tells us that once you are in the rooftop, it would be very relaxing because aside from the lovely party space, the views are amazing too.

Casa Lara dining

This is what you can see in the hidden party space. It has a large dining table with bench seating that is perfect for entertaining.

Well, who would thought that this house has actually a hidden rooftop party space where your family and friends can enjoy? The way I see it, the owner of the house loves to hide stuff because aside from the rooftop area, it also has a concealed kitchen space too. It actually adds to the excitement of the space. The home is designed by Felipe Hess who obviously was able to provide what the homeowner needs. And I guess, the design even surpassed the expectation of the owner. This is indeed a lovely home which could be best for both private activities as well as for entertaining guests. Can you tell me what you liked about this house? Are there particular features that you are interested to apply in your own home?