Casa de Mosteiro: A Modern Single Storey Residence in Portugal

A modern one storey home is built on the outskirts of Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal but despite being a single storey residence, its beauty has an appeal far better than towering buildings. Arquitectos Matos, the designer of the house said that the “concept of the project comes from the combined interpretation of the functional program of a single-family house with the specific premises of the clients, as from the study of the characteristics of the lot and its surroundings and morphological conditions”. The house is protected from the street on the North side with a central courtyard facing South and West.

The Casa de Mosteiro has an L shaped form with two parts comprised of a longitudinal volume where you can find the service areas and the leisure zone. On the shorter volume is where the bedrooms are located. An additional volume contains a storage room which also defines the central courtyard. The house can be accessed from the east through a ramp. You can find the main entrance at the intersection of the two volumes. Let us take a look at this residence below:

Arquitectos Matos

This is one unique modern home indeed. The form of the house was a good idea in order to distribute the spaces in the house well.

Casa de Mosteiro Exterior

The L-shape of the house is clearly seen here. Doing that adds more space for the central courtyard.

Casa de Mosteiro House

This is how the house looks like from a distance. It looks strong and bold!


Glass walls allow the entry of natural light into the home.

Casa de Mosteiro

Isn’t this a lovely living room? We love its simplicity and modernism.

Living room

You can get a good view of the living room and dining here which are both located near the glass walls for a more airy feel.


Wooden cabinets and center table looked perfect with the other furniture in this living area.

long working area

A long working area in the kitchen with a sink allows the homeowners to work well while saving space in the interior.


This is an eat-in kitchen with a four-seater white round table.


The kitchen in white looks good with the stainless equipment and some wooden touches.


The bedroom is very simple but this will surely let you doze off at once.


Wooden flooring and white walls- this surely sums up to a cozy interior like what you can see in this hallway.


Even the bathroom has a simple modern design with glass all around.

Casa de Mosteiro

One last look at the Casa de Mosteiro.

“The interior spaces are directly associated to the patio, though protected by the porch, that externally unifies the different areas of the house as intensifies the daily experiences of the family”, this is what Arquitectos Matos said pertaining to the interior of the house. The living room as ample space and could seemingly extend the family’s outdoor experience by allowing natural light inside. The exterior of the house is coated by prefabricated black textured concrete panels that are opaque and ventilated. How do you find this house?