Casa Atrevida: A Bamboo Vacation Home in Costa Rica

Everyone deserves a break from the city’s busy lifestyle. Spending a few days on a vacation home with nature around it would surely be satisfying. What we will be featuring today is a vacation home on the shores of Preciosa Beach in Puerto Jimenez, the largest town on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Its structure is made from Bamboo which gives it a beautiful and unique look. Aside from that, it is also earthquake resistant.

Have you ever visited a home made from bamboo? Homes made from this material give the dwelling a cool atmosphere. It creates an environment perfect for relaxation. This vacation home is called Casa Atrevida. It has five bedrooms and five baths and could cater 10 people. The design of the house will surely provide you your dream vacation on a lovely home near the ocean and in the center of lush green trees and bushes. Wanna see the vacation home? Check out the images of Casa Atrevida below:

Casa Atrevida

Nature’s beauty is enhanced and reflected from this vacation home in its use of bamboo and concrete.

Mallorca House

A small above ground pool is installed near the front area which seems like an extension of the beach.

Casa Atrevida

You will really be able to bond with nature once you are here because even the dining area is open to the outdoors.

Bamboo Vacation Home

It would certainly be refreshing to breathe in fresh air while sitting on wooden and bamboo furniture.

bamboo bedroom terrace

A neat and smooth looking bamboo flooring and cross-hatching walls is what you will find on the second floor.

bamboo interior design

Worried about not getting privacy with the bamboo walls? You can always close the block out curtain and consider bedroom in blue as your own.

matrimonial bedroom

If you are spending time with your partner, this room is perfect for you since it has a matrimonial bed.

bamboo house design

The room also has bamboo wall dividers and some wooden furniture.

Kitchen Island

Each room has its own private bathroom that is also decorated with wood.

Interior Design

In this image, you can clearly see that the house is made from bamboo in every portion of it which sets it apart from other homes.


Nothing is prettier than a lighted bamboo home! Look at how stunning it is especially with its green and blue colors.

bamboo exterior design

Can you imagine how silent it is here during the night? You will surely be able to take some rest while in Casa Atrevida. The house uses different roof styles which add to its beauty.

landscape plan

From its site plan, you can clearly see the bushes, trees and plants all around the vacation home which will make you desire to get into it.

cross section plan

The front elevation of the home which appears like a modern design but when the actual home was done, it was even lovelier.

Mallorca house

First floor plan of the house showing both private and public areas.

You have seen so many houses made of wood and concrete but this might be your first time to see a home made from bamboo. The beauty brought by the bamboo is immeasurable. Indeed, nothing can beat the pleasantness of nature! Luz de Piedra Arquitectos was able to design this vacation home in a unique manner despite using a material that is commonly seen in rural homes. But with their wit and cleverness, bamboo became an icon of sophistication in Casa Atrevida.