Classy Conversion of an Apartment to a Residential Concept of Bromptons in London

We have always wanted to have our own large house and spacious area that are available for us to put the furniture that we need and like. But how about those who can’t afford to own a large and elegant house where they can arrange their favorite furniture collections. Well they can still do it even in an apartment. And this apartment can even be transformed into a secondary residence. That is why today we will see how the designer converted the apartment to become a secondary residential home for the homeowner.

This house is named as the Bromptons and it is specifically located in London, England which was completed in 2014. The house embraced the exquisite architectural detail with the interior architecture of the apartment that made this stand out from the other apartments here. With that there should be a lot of amazing ideas and inspirations in order to accomplish all the demands and requests of the client. So let us take a look at the different amazing areas of the house below.


Bromptons See the large mirror above the chimney that also enhances the look of the living space.

London Wall painting highlighted the elegance and artistic concept in the interiors.

classic art painting Shapes and colors of the furniture perfectly match with the design and style of the sofa.

elegant interior design Smooth and rough texture is well presented in the interior from its floor to the walls and the sofa.

kitchen appliance High technological device and equipment is secured in the kitchen to ensure that all the needs of the client may be provided.

kitchen design Clean and flawless area in the kitchen is well presented here.

office area Comfort and classy design of the office area in the apartment is also emphasized here.

office desk The color of the chair match with the color of the table and the walls and floor in this room.

master bedroom Classy and sophisticated type of mattress suits the design and the color combination found in this bedroom.

sofa seat Soft and comfy seats are well arranged in this area beside these built in cabinet and shelves that made this area more convenient.

bedroom furnitures Red lamps in the side of this light provide a very stunning look in this light brown bedroom.

modern cabinet A clean and neat space for the homeowner to place their stuff in this modern cabinet here.

bathroom Spacious and unique design of a bathroom is also ensured here that provides the real comfort and charm.

bathroom sink See how these mosaic tiles in the powder space that underlines the modern bathroom design.

Bromptons Here is another powder area in the house that speaks of elegance and luxury as well.

As we have seen the images above we can see how the Roselind Wilson Design made an incredible transformation of this apartment to a more residential like home. The chosen furniture speaks not just elegance but also classy design of the interiors. The designer also responded well on the requests and demands of the client. They were successfully illustrating the importance of architectural elements in making this apartment not just a house but a home for the entire family. We hope that you also find more promising features of the apartment that you may apply in your apartment or the interior of your house as well.