B95 Residence in Canada: Inspired by A Mix of Distinctive Cultures

Every home is unique. No matter how similar the design is, a home would always be different. I know that you can sense some similarities in modern and contemporary homes. It could be the sleek lines and geometry in the architecture. Sometimes, even the materials used are the same. But not all of course, just like this modern home that we are going to feature today.

The house is called B95 Residence. It is a beautifully designed modern urban infill designed located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The design of the house reflects the distinct culture of the region getting inspiration from different cultures around the globe. But it focuses on natural/reclaimed components. The house made use of unique materials like hickory, quartz counter tops, raw metal, Moroccan inspired architectural tile, customized finishes and resource-efficient. The interior has an open concept with a modern design. The designers define that “this project is designed for modern families in the inner city wanting a home that reflects their design lifestyle”. Join a virtual tour of the house below:

Distinctive Cultures The exterior facades of the house has a beautiful application of reclaimed barn wood siding. I honestly like the result of using these materials.

Calgary Alberta Canada There is 2,800 square feet of living space in the two semi-detached units of this home.

B95 Residence Aside from the pretty yellow floor sofa, it looks good in black and white colors too. The main floor features a 10-foot ceiling that maximized the windows.

fireplace metal wall This fireplace area is one interesting part of the house with a huge television.

seating area black sofa Another seating area is found here before you reach the staircase. Reclaimed elm flooring is used for here.

white kitchen island Wood is also used to finish the kitchen cabinetry and fireplace wall detailing.

kitchen area I like the manner this kitchen was designed especially the colors used in it. Even the combination of black, white and wood is stunning.

dining area design The kitchen island has a connecting table where four people can dine.

metal stair guard A raw metal stair guard wall with a jali-inspired pattern adds graphic interest to the stair wall.

ellipse coffee table This space looks lovely too with an elliptical coffee table and some pop of colors and artistic touch from the area rug.

bedroom This bedroom has interesting wall shelf designs. I actually think we can make one using cardboard to achieve this shelf.

bathroom It has its own bathroom that combines the use of glass, ceramic tiles and wood.

bathroom design A reclaimed barn door was used for the entranceway of the Master Ensuite bathroom.

bathtub Moroccan-inspired architectural tile adds beauty to the bathroom. You can also see how the cedar screen in the exterior adds privacy to the area.

kid bedroom In the bedroom at the second floor, a lovely commissioned mural that wraps up onto the ceiling.

kid mural It looked even more beautiful as it is harmonized with Japanese designer pendant light fixtures. I honestly love this space very much!

B95 Residence Indeed, this is one stunning home both inside and out. Let us take one last glance at it!

Isn’t this an amazing house design? I love how various cultures can be seen in the different areas of the house. Beyond Homes together with BBLOC really did a great job for this home. I especially love the bedroom with a mural and the Moroccan style bathroom. How about you, what do you like most in the house? Tell us in the comment section below!