Superb High-class Expressing Views Residence in Australia

The magnificent design of Expressing Views residence located in Perth, Australia will surely turn heads and attract attention with its sophisticated design and its modern architecture. Viewing the residence from the outside, one can absolutely appreciate the touch of neutral colors combined together that gives a refined and classy feeling to it. The big transparent windows also intrigue the outside viewers on what to expect on the inside and makes them look forward to actually enter the house and see it for themselves.

Just like the exterior design seen outside, the interior design of the Expressing Views is equally impressive with its minimalistic features and elegant design. Each area in the house will certainly leave everyone awe-struck and mesmerized with the posh design of the place.

Expressing views back view The infinity pool and the presence of plants located at the backyard of the house compliments the overall presentation of the Expressing views residence.

High-class home design The dashing and posh front view of the house is absolutely a breath-taking view to look at.

Expressing Views Residence The big and wide windows located at the side gives the house a more transparent view which lets you peek through it.

Australia home design The mesmerizing infinity pool with blue-schemed tiles gives it a more aquatic feeling which resembles the color of the sea.

 front door Upon entering the house, illuminating lights on the ceiling and the staircase leading to the top will directly be on sight.

 living room A relaxing couch and an amazing view outside the house make the living room a very comfortable place to unwind.

 living room The black and greyish accent of the living room’s surrounding gives it a laid back and relaxing atmosphere.

 dining table and living room Here’s a view of the dining table directly adjacent to the living room’s couch.

 dining area A full view of this nicely placed long dining table with 10 seats calls for a fine dining meal.

 bedroom Exuding elegance and classiness in each corner of the room, it’s no surprise that one would rather stay on this room all day than go out.

 kitchen Seeing the entire kitchen complete with the necessary amenities will surely entice food lovers to cook.

 kitchen counter at the center Right at the center of kitchen is a counter which can be used for cooking purposes.

 kitchen countertop This captures the whole kitchen and the spacious aisle of the kitchen which permits easy access to all the amenities.

 bathroom sink With the mirrored wall and the stylish interior of this bathroom, it would be more than easy to appreciate both the room and yourself in front of the mirror.

 bathroom sink and bathtub Scanning the left side of the bathroom, the bathtub and the shower will immediately be seen.

 bathroom shower The sink, toilet and shower are conveniently placed in one area to promote accessibility.

expressing views bathroom sink with mirror This shows the close up view of the bathroom’s sink with a long mirror attached on the wall.

Expressing views residence A floating toilet directly attached to the wall is used on this restroom with the sink situated just beside it.

Expressing Views designed by Urbane Project is a refreshing home design which generally emanates a minimalistic approach. Aside from its very outstanding exterior and interior design, the house is created to look spacious in the inside and make it look livelier through the use of natural lighting which is achieved through big glass windows. Assessing the overall feature of the house, it guarantees a sustainable and comfortable living combined with stylishness and elegance.