The J2 Residence in Las Vegas- A Cleverly Designed Home

The J2 Residence was done with “design individuality, horizontally and sensitivity to the desert hillside environment”. With that, the designers and developers smartly thought of the materials, landscaping, daylight, environmental orientations, and the use of renewable resources in order for them to show appreciation to the desert environment. This house is located in Las Vegas, Nevada USA at the base of Red Rock. One good feature of the house is the wing canopy.

The homeowners wanted to have a house that could connect the indoor environment to the outdoor scene. Because of that, the house was designed to give an expanded view of the adjacent gulf course and foothills. The great room, library and casita could allow the homeowners to take a good look of the panoramic view outdoors while the game room and basement bar could let daylight in to its space providing it a touch of nature. We have here some pictures of the J2 Residence. Take a look on how Assemblage Studio designed this house.

Wind Vault

The house is indeed large in rectangular form. Notice the semi-circle tube on the topmost area which is the wing canopy.

gray exterior diesgn

From this image, you can see the use of concrete and glass for the home. Gray is the color of its exterior.

outdoor dining set

A spacious patio is located outside a well as a courtyard and a lawn. There is an outdoor dining area and also a seating area.


A wooden patio with comfortable seating is located near the pool which is a good location so that people who comes from the pool can lounge on this area.

swimming pool

Anyone would feel like splashing into the cold water of this pool that has stunning pool lights of different colors.

Interior design

The great room is spacious and has some traditional touches in it with the use of large frames in intricate design, Persian rugs and some wooden accent furniture. The high ceiling with glass windows make this are way way bigger!

bookshelf design

This part of the house is the entertainment room. The lighting is indeed unique and is a head turner! This could also be a home library since the shelves are filled with different books.

leather couch

One part of the house that looks private and quite- this fits for a serious talk with anyone.

kitchen area

The modular kitchen has wooden finishes and a stainless island. The kitchen has an open layout.

home bar

This could be the dining area or the home bar. But whatever it is, the wooden table sure is unique add gives this place a rustic touch.


From the bedroom, the outdoor beauty is clearly seen. This area is designed to get a calming aura.

wine cellar

In the basement, you can find this bar which is also a game room at the same time. Guess time flies in this space!


This bathroom may not be that spacious but it sure is complete with a shower room, tub and toilet. The design is simple with shades of beige in it.

Wind Vault

Just one part of the home’s outdoor space. You can see how tall this house is! The wing canopy that we have mentioned on the first image was designed to eliminate direct sunlight from entering the house but it still allows visibility to the south. This house provides a hue percentage of its own power through the Kyocera Multicrystal Photovoltaic Modules found on the canopy. Smart eh? Of course! Credits goes to the Assemblage Studio who designed this house along with Lochsa Engineering and Darrell Fellhauer.