An Industrial Modern Arc House in East Hampton, New York

While most modern houses come with gable roofs, shed roofs, flat roofs, hip roofs and other roof styles, there are also some who do away with the usual straight lined roofing and opt for curved ones. This is one feature of the Arc House that made it unique and which also gave it its name. The Arc House has two levels and a total surface of 6,500 sq. feet or 595 sq. m. It is located in East Hampton, New York, USA under a flight path of a local airport and close to a train track. These inspired the industrial look of the house.

The house has an arching corrugated metal roof that beautifully appears above the grassy slope of the site. Its landscaping is stunningly lovely too. The architects said that that it was a challenge for them to “find a scale for the arch that would transform this building system into an intimate and enclosed space. At a radius of 39’ with a peak ceiling height of 16’, we felt the building would be small enough to feel comfortable and yet have a sense of largeness associated with its uninterrupted ceiling curve”. But yes, they were able to do it! Under the arc are the living room, dining room and kitchen in an open plan layout. The lower volume of the house contains a sitting room, garage, office and a work out area. Wanna see the interior and exterior design of the house? Take a look below:

Maziar Behrooz Architecture

Breathtakingly beautiful! With nature around it, the Arc House looked even more stunning. The use of curves and sleek lines combined made this home anyone’s dream house!

Arc House

Glass walls and doors were used for the house including for the second level of the house.

lawn area

A well-lighted home is always one key to make it stand out and to outline its architecture.

Living room

The interior of the house uses wood and natural hues.

Interior design

Wooden flooring added to the natural look of the house. It also made it appear rustic at the same time.


A beautiful kitchen in matte black finish with a concrete island near it.

kitchen wood

Wood is also used to combine with the black finish of the kitchen making it appear totally gorgeous!

black kitchen

Aside from the black kitchen, you can also see here a stairwell that has glass railings around it.

minimal living room

A sitting area where the homeowners can have a private time. We love the design of the chairs!

Arc House

This is the lower portion of the house. You can see its use of large glass windows and wooden flooring for the stairs.

huge glass window

The glass window could be covered with curtains when night time comes.

dark wood flooring

One key to have a cozy interior is to install lightings creatively.


Stringers were used for stairs that is placed against an unfinished wall of concrete.


Take a look at the different parts of the house as seen in this floor plan.

Arc House

One side of the house where the bathroom is located showing a rectangular hinged part which is an opening for the window.

Isn’t this a lovely home? Its modern and industrial feel combined creates a dramatic aura that sets it apart from other homes. The use of arc roofing indeed made it look unique. We could certainly say that the Maziar Behrooz Architecture did a great job in the design of the house! Both interior and exterior designs no doubt serves a standing ovation!