A Successful Redesign of the Wallace Ridge Home in California

As always, it is better to get a home that fits one’s lifestyle. Once a home does not offer the kind of cozy living the inhabitants want, it is a sign for a makeover or a remodel. The Wallace Ridge House in Trousdale Estates, an area in Beverly Hills, California was once a home with a choppy floor plan and gabled roofs. But the owners wanted a modern home that has well-lit spaces that would serve and reflect their lifestyle. But before they jumped into a redesign, they have to consider Trousdale Estate’s restrictions to limit the house into a single storey with 14 foot height. And so, the Whipple Russel Architects designed the home without breaking the rules but still providing the owners a spacious home with spectacular views.

Instead of the gable roofs, it has sleek flat roofs and a roof terrace was built atop the master suite which can also be accessed from the pool area. The interior utilized an open floor plan with high ceilings. Tall panels were used to define the spaces in the house. These panels were custom stained in a rich coffee bean brown that perfectly contrast with the light walls. Do you think the homeowners achieved the kind of home they want? Why don’t we find out through the images below:

Trousdale Estates

The outdoor area of the house is could offer comfort and relaxation. You can also see how well designed the landscape is by creating a patio and an green covered lawn.

Beverly Hills, California

Glass materials is seen here which added to the cozy feel of the house as well as to its appeal.

Wallace Ridge Home

You can see here the roof terrace placed above the master bedroom. The stairs that lead to it is in black with glass railings.

Living Room

The living room has black comfy furniture that looks perfect in this space of wooden flooring and white walls.

Living Area

The fireplace was built on a wall with stones creating an accent wall. You can also see here the television installed on the wall.

Interior design

From the living room, you can get take a look at the outdoor scene. Notice the wooden partition near the kitchen.

Wallace Ridge Home

A closer look at the wooden partitions that we mentioned in the previous entry. Using this retains the open plan of the house making it look more spacious.

Dining set

The dining room is simple and is furnished with a long wooden table and white chairs.


A wine bar in modern contemporary design is seen here. The colors fit well to the interior of the home.

Kitchen design

A modern kitchen with stainless and marble like countertops.

Sitting area

Another sitting area is located near the bar which is an extension of both the bar and the dining area.


The master suite has some traditional touches in it making it look even more luxurious.

Wallace Ridge Home

A library and game room in one equipped with a huge shelf and white sofa.


You can easily tell that this is indeed a contemporary bathroom and yes, it has a sliding glass that leads outside.


With this view, you could conclude that the homeowners sure acquired the kind of home they want. The outdoor area is complete even with an outdoor kitchen.

Music Room

What you see here is the music room for the family with a grand piano seating in it.

What can you say? Whipple Russell Architects did give the homeowners a home with warm modernism. There is an easy flow of traffic inside and even the design of the home is flowing and spectacular. Apart from the areas that you have seen, the house also has a music room because there is a musician in the family. Well, it seems like the entire family is totally happy with this home now!